At Sea: confessions

It’s high time I made a few confessions to all of you:

1) A couple of nights ago I had 2 dinners.  2 full 3-course dinners. In random order: Duck, lobster, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, melon soup, brie, chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream.

Sucks to be me, right?

2) It doesn’t matter that I hear the Cupid Shuffle on pretty much every cruise at one of the socials or parties, because every time I hear the opening chords I’m out of my chair and on the dance floor in 3 seconds flat.  It will NEVER get old, no matter how much the rest of you may roll your eyes at me.

3) On our televisions onboard we have a few different movie channels, but the same movies play on the same days a few weeks in a row.  For instance on Tuesdays you can watch Julie & Julia all day, over and over.  The only problem is you often turn the tv on in the middle or the end of the movie or something, and then you have to leave 30 minutes later and you’ll come back later and see a different scene… anyway, the point is, that I’m starting to like watching movies this way… in a non-linear fashion, I guess.  Which is making me feel a little crazy.

Do you have any confessions?


3 thoughts on “At Sea: confessions

  1. 1) The fact that you can order two full 3-course meals is one of the major reasons I loved going on a cruise, lol.

    2) I *heart* the Cupid Shuffle and do the same thing. I even listen to it when I'm on the Elliptical because it's so fun.

    3) When I was on the cruise, I saw Shrek 4 from the end to the beginning, lol.

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