At Sea: This Week

Hello all,

As you read this we are at sea headed to Mexico.  This week there is a charter group onboard, a rhythm and blues cruise, so we have a 7 day cruise that stops in Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas.  So we’ll be incommunicado for 7 days… which isn’t that much different from 5 days at sea I guess.

To do a 15 day cruise is very different from 7 day cruise.  It’s longer.

Annnnddd… we’ll leave it at that.

Sorry to disappoint with so little news, but quite frankly a longer cruise means I’m a bit tired, and hoping to have some more time to write later… As I write this I’m just (barely) closing up from the last cruise, and really writing doesn’t sound all that great…

So there will be some posts this week, and hopefully I can write and schedule some more for the coming weeks.

Hope all is well on land!

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