At Sea: a change in plans. part 2.

Yesterday I told you about our change of plans for our last Alaskan cruise.  It really changed my experience as a crewmember,

For the most part, I think passengers understood and were grateful for our (well, the captain’s) attention to safety, though of course disappointed about some of the changes.  I’m sure some people were quite angry, but that’s the way it goes.  It’s a lesson that as a crew member you are subject to all the time: ultimately it’s out of your control.
And I don’t mean that in a critical way, but our workplace is such that it’s extremely variable according to weather, health and safety regulations, location, and a million other things.  And when you first get onboard it’s a little bit of a jolt to realize the things that are now out of your control.  We’re so used to having certain things that we take for granted (high speed internet, constant cell phone connection, the ability to pick up a newspaper at a newsstand or a gallon of milk from the grocery store, the ability to choose where you’re going and when) that when we find out we can’t have those things, it’s a little off-putting.  Those little comforts of land life, we view as staples and things that we’re entitled to, that we have a right to… and really those things are not guaranteed.  Especially in international waters!  And it certainly is the same for our passengers, who are not used to being on a floating box with no cell phone reception.  In fact, they’re surprised at my limitations in providing newspapers (I don’t know any swimming paperboys, do you?).
But I don’t know, I think it’s a good lesson.  Uultimately, it’s just a reminder that at this point in time we’ve really just been spoiled to the point that we think we deserve all kinds of things that have only recently been invented much less required for daily life.
Ok, I’m done for today.  I promise to be less melodramatic tomorrow.

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