At Sea: Glacier Bay

Each Monday we cruise through Glacier Bay.  You could take a million photos, but I’ll just leave you with a few of the best.
Unrelated ship story: I work with a lot of different nationalities, and you can often predict someone’s home country by what department they work for.  In our case, many of our ship’s engine and navigational officers are Dutch, including some young cadets in training.  Recently I learned that they have turned the abbreviated phrase “lol” into a word.  It’s pronounced like “laul.”  And they say it instead of laughing.  Whenever I say it, I start laughing, which really defeats the purpose.

3 thoughts on “At Sea: Glacier Bay

  1. I have been so bad at commenting on your blog — I promise I read every post, I just have been a big lurker lately.

    What a wonderful view, and you get to see it every week — so lucky! Love the story about the different depts — I'd love to hear more about the inner workings of a ship and those kinds of cultural interactions.

    Long email coming your way soon! 🙂

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