At Sea: Do you know? Juneau!

In an effort to be more efficient with my time online, for awhile I’m going to try posting a series of short posts that will go up everyday with just one or two photos.  Let me know how you like this format!
I’ve realized that I’ve never been up front regarding our itinerary.  Our first 6 weeks are spent doing 7-day Alaska cruises.  Each Friday we embark from Seattle.  Saturday we are at sea, and on Sunday we arrive in Juneau at noon.  On Monday we cruise through Glacier Bay national park, and on Tuesday we anchor in Sitka.  Wednesday we spend the first part of the day in Ketchikan, and we arrive in Victoria, BC at 7 or 8pm on Thursday.  Then we head back to Seattle and arrive early the next morning and start again.
I’ve been able to do a little exploring in Juneau, so I thought I’d share some photos from Alaska’s capital for the next few days.
When you come into Juneau you’re faced with many shops selling jewelry and furs, but you also realize that it’s a little fishing town nestled amongst beautiful mountains.  All the businesses occupy the lowest level of town, and as you look past them you see houses built up into the hills and mountain sides.  In fact, as you’re walking around you pass lots of long stairwells that walk up from the shops to the homes that are farther up into the hills.


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