At Sea: An Update from the Library

I’ve been reading a lot, so I thought the blog might be a good place to keep up with what I’m reading.  The great thing about having a library at my disposal- and slowly learning exactly what is available (with over 2000 titles there’s no way I have seen all that we have yet)- is that I can pick lots of things that I normally wouldn’t read because I’m not sure if I would like it… but I have a lot of time here and lots of options so if I read something and find that I’m not a fan, oh well, I probably only wasted a day of reading.  Point being, I am more likely to branch out in my reading choices.
My first pick was Citizen Girl, by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, who also wrote the Nanny Diaries.  I haven’t read the Nanny Diaries, but I always thought about buying it when I’d see in at Barnes and Noble.  It follows “Girl” who is suffering from the sad opportunities of this job market, something I definitely can identify with, if only in the theme of this particular story… what starts as a sad revelation of the reality of being in this economy turned into an indictment of what is actually profiting in the current working world (not much except corruption, senseless overspending for the benefit of a few lucky ones who are most prominent in their field, and the idea that sex sells so capitalize on that).  Definitely a good read, if not a little depressing at times.
Next I read The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner, an NPR correspondent.  It’s a nonfiction work following Weiner’s travels to find the happiest (and least happy in some cases) countries in the world.  Who is the happiest nd why are they happy is the predominant focus.  I’d definitely recommend this if you have any love for essay writing.  It was fascinating to read about Weiner’s travels and analysis of each country’s form of happiness.  Oh, and now I want to visit Bhutan, but that’s just me.
Next I breezed through Ann LaMott’s Plan B.  I can’t believe I’ve never read anything by her, as she is quite popular amongst the Donald Miller lovers (If you haven’t read Miller, go do it now.  Start with Blue Like Jazz or A Thousand Miles in a Million Years… either is an excellent start), and I can see why.  She’s a little extremist and relativist for me (and yes, you can be both those at once) but she’s a beautiful writer and has got me thinking differently already so hats off to her.  My favorite quote (paraphrased)?  “The opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty.”  Marinate with that for awhile, will you?
When I was younger my mom took me to the library every week.  I’d always check out ten books and read them in order from most pages to least.  I got a lot of positive attention for being a reader.  Except when my parents would get annoyed that I would read in the car all the time.  We made twice annual trips to Missouri from Georgia and I always missed the Appalachian mountains because my head was stuck in a book (how Belle of me!).  I stopped reading regularly for pleasure (beyond articles online and in magazines as well as books for school) sometime in high school.  I’d start reading again when I’d go on a long trip or during the summer, and briefly right after college when my roommate and I didn’t have cable tv.  It’s great that my job allows me to read (as long as I’ve handled all the Scrabble emergencies first), and it’s nice to go back to an old love: books, wonderful books.


2 thoughts on “At Sea: An Update from the Library

  1. first… i've been reading, i promise. but i usually read from my iphone now and commenting is ridic. i'm glad life at sea is going well! and i love that you get to spend time in seattle – always wanted to visit there.

    second… i'm pretty pumped to read what you're reading… i haven't read a good book in quite a while and you always have great taste in good reads. 🙂

    much love to you and the guns!

  2. Glad you're reading so many good things. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    I also read “Geography of Bliss” and was compulsively recommending it for weeks. It made me want to visit Bhutan, too.

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