At Sea: Week 3

Sorry friends, still no pictures, still getting into a schedule of when exactly to do what when really I just want to sleep in my free time!

Well, it’s the beginning of week 3 of a little over 19 weeks and I think we have adjusted to our new little life.  There is still more adjusting to do, but each day is better and better in terms of energy level and knowing what to expect.

For all of you who laughed to yourself when I told you I was the ship librarian… ya’ll the library is hopping!  Whenever we are at sea I am busy finding books and putting out scrabble, card, and mah jonng emergencies.  Yes, I have scrabble emergencies, it’s very serious.

I have the entire night off while we’re docked in Victoria, BC in Canada.  We were there last night and I went out with some staff to a local restaurant and bar.  Victoria is a beautiful city and I think The Guns and I will get to explore it together for a bit next week.  I’ll try to take pictures to share.

Right now we’re in Seattle before we have to get back to work for the start of the next cruise. We’re at a coffee shop near our pier, so we’re having a pretty cliche Seattle experience 🙂

Most people talked about how exciting our new jobs were going to be before we left… and while that’s true  because of all the interesting people we meet and work with and the great locations we visit, cruising is really a lesson in repetition!  Last week as we began the week guests started coming to me and asking me all kinds of questions, and my initial reaction (in my head, don’t worry) was “umm, you should know this by now” and then you realize…. no no no, these people are here for the first time.  As a performer you experience this a bit, I remember working for the theme park and being so sick of my show by the time I’d done it 60 times, and then realizing that most of the audience was experiencing it for the first time and they deserved a good show.  So we had to make them feel like this was the first time we’d done the show, that it was the first time our characters had experienced these moments… and that’s pretty much what it’s like… just because I answered that question 30 times last cruise, well, these guests weren’t here for that, so you smile and repeat!  I just have to remember to be  kind and rewind, so to speak.

Best Guest Question of the week…. “Miss, what’s our elevation?”

ummmm…. sea level, sir.


2 thoughts on “At Sea: Week 3

  1. LOL! That is a very good answer to that question… I am sure he felt very silly after asking that! 😉 If you are free the next couple days feel free to come down to Tacoma! 😀 I would love to show you around. You are welcome to stay with us! We have a hot tub & pool (don't worry, it is heated!) 🙂 It would be so good to see you again! 🙂 Safe travels! Sara

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