At Sea: overpacking

Remember last week when I bragged about packing light?  I no longer have bragging rights.

Side note: I have the wonderful privilege to visit two wonderful bloggers and friends on a fairly regular basis- chai am woman and JoAnn from Sidewalk Chalk.  We all went to the same high school, but reconnected and became better friends through blogging.  While I was in town earlier this month we got together at a local restaurant.  At one point JoAnn, after confirming my itinerary for the next 4 months said, “so… how are you packing for that?” referencing a lack of storage space and a very large change in climate.

Ummm… I don’t know how I’m packing for that.  I’ve only been freaking out about that since June.  In fact, I’ve packed and repacked my clothes and accessories at least 7 times and as we speak I have filled our largest suitcase, and The Guns and I have split the garment bag 50/50 and a carryon 75/25 (I’m the 75, in case you were wondering) plus I’ve stuffed my backpack to the brim.  The Guns has somehow fit all of his stuff into a much smaller package, but I’m just gonna play my gender card and leave it at that.  Because so much is unknown from my end, I’d rather overpack and learn my lesson for next time, than to ignore the little “what if” fairy in my ear. “what if it turns out you need that dress for a party?” “What if it’s cold?’ “What if it’s hot?”  “What if you get there and realize that you NEED that pair of earrings/sweater/denim vest/pair of black flats.”  You win what if fairy.  You win.

If you cannot tell, this has driven me crazy.  In fact, when I packed initially (picking clothes to take on the cruise while we were packing up our apartment- not ideal circumstances) I cried a couple of times and told my mother “I’m not happy about this, and nothing you say is going to make it better so I understand if you don’t want to be around me right now.” I think I also snapped at The Guns who just hugged me while I stood amidst the post-apocalyptic mess that was my closet.  My mother asked him not to throw me overboard, but said she’d “understand if he did.  Clothes are emotional.

Anyway, all that being said, though I’m sure that I’ll wish I’d packed less, I think I’ve done an ok job. So I thought I’d show you what I’m taking.  I suppose you can be the judge.

Requirements for Clothing Items:
Travel relatively well
Easy to care for 
Able to layer (or unlayer) so as to fit different climates
Easily mixed with other items
Can float between personal wear and work wear if need be
Enjoyable for me to wear (clothing is emotional)

My apologies for the weird angles and lighting… actually getting this up is my priority rather than artistically wonderful shots.

7 tops
purple tank
teal tank
navy tank
orange print tank
lime tank
white tunic 
gray tank (not pictured)
8 layering tops (cardigans, vests, etc.)
black short-sleeved cardigan
black flowy cardigan
cream flowy cardigan
peach cardigan
zebra cropped cardigan
denim vest
gold shrug
beige cropped blazer
4 sweaters
teal 3/4 sleeve sweater
teal and gray striped tunic sweater
purple sweater
navy sheer sweater
6 pairs of pants
khaki pants
khaki capris
black and gray leggings
6 dresses and skirts
black cocktail dress 
navy dress
floral strapless dress
white sundress
black strapless, casual dress (aka swim cover-up)
purple printed skirt
2 outerwear items
gray chunky sweater 
7 pairs of shoes
navy heels (for work)
formal gold heels
flat sandals
black flats
gold/neutral flats
black slouchy boots (not pictured)

That’s a grand total of 40 items.  This does not include workout wear (4-5 items) , necessary formalwear (2 full-length dresses) , work-provided wardrobe (15 items that I’ll receive upon embarkation), and personal items (underwear, etc).  If you’re curious, I’m also bringing a large range of jewelry, 11 scarves and 11 belts but only 3 purses (you have no idea what a big deal that is for me!).

So, 40 items for 136 days… not too shabby, right?

Wish me luck on the remixing!


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