About my obsession with… soda

In the name of full disclosure: I wrote this post a month or two ago, but it’s just getting to the blog now…

Let’s file this under “why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?”

I seriously love me some soda, ya’ll.  I have been majorly cutting back due to my love for the earth (whoa, lots of waste involved in drinking soda at home) and my hate for the recent increase in prices (anyone else notice this?).  I limit myself to one a day pretty much, and I’ll probably be cutting back even more once we start working (soda is not included in that whole free food deal).  And people tell me over and over how bad soft drinks are for me… yeah I don’t care at this point.  They are that good.  Also, I don’t drink diet soda so, no worries, I’m getting the full on sugary kill your body experience…

As you can see, I’m obsessed.  So I was amazed when I saw the sodastream home soda maker in one of the yogurt shops we visited recently.  I was all, “What?  I can make soda? How does this work?”  So a worker at the shop showed us, and I’m going to tell you.

Basically, you buy this standing soda maker as well as some flavoring, a carbonator, and a carbonating bottle or two.

Step 1: Fill carbonating bottle with cold water
Step 2: Screw bottle into soda maker (carbonator is inside the maker) and press the carbonating button up and down until you hear three loud buzzes.
Step 3: Remove bottle.  Add a capful of sodamix of flavoring.  Close bottle, and shake gently (very gently).

Then you have soda!  A liter of soda!  Or seltzer water if you prefer not to use flavorings.  The flavorings come in all soda flavors (from cola and diet cola to a version of Dr. Pepper, cream soda to a version of Mountain Dew and more) plus energy drink flavors and fruit flavors (think, fruit spritzers!).

Now you may be thinking “ok, cool, but what’s the point”  here’s what got me… the kit to make the soda is not inexpensive, but once that is bought the only items you’re buying are soda flavorings (about $5, and one bottle will make 12 liters of soda) and a replacement carbonator every month or two.  Plus you’re not discarding a ton of waste like you are when you drink a can or bottle of soda every day.  Also,  the flavors don’t contain high fructose corn syrup or aspartame.

There is a downside though.  When the worker did a sodastream demo for us we chose “Pete’s Choice” aka Dr. Pepper for our flavor.  And as I’m taking my first sip he says “it’s flavored with splenda.”  The Guns was all good, but I have a severe intolerance for diet tasting items.  I know the splenda version is better for me, but I hate how it tastes.  But if you could care less, you won’t be bothered.  I would still use the sodastream products, because The Guns is all good with the Splenda and I could kick my soda habit with really tasty fruit spritzers.

Anyone have a Sodastream?

Dudes, I don’t even own one of these (though, when we get back to traditional land life it’s totally going on our Christmas list), and Sodastream did not pay or provide any product for this post.  Just thought it was cool and wanted to share.


3 thoughts on “About my obsession with… soda

  1. What a cool machine!

    Back in college, when my stress and soda addiction took me through three-four cans a day, I tried buying bottles of club soda and adding crystal light packets to it. It wasn't bad, and tasted like fruit-y cola.

    I still have a soda addiction, but these days it's more Coke Zero than anything else. I try to keep it to a can a day.

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