Things I’ll Miss at Sea: a DVR…

…and regular tv programming in general.  Dudes, you know how much I love my tv watching… here’s what I’m gonna miss most.

Top Chef: I leave before this season ends… if my mom has to tell me that Angelo wins I will be pulling some hair out.  Plus, following this season they’re doing a dessert version… I LOVE dessert.  I’ll miss ya Tom, and Padma.

America’s Next Top Model: Tyra, the drama, Tyra, the photo shoots, Tyra, The Jays, but most of all Tyra.  “The next name that I’m going to call is…” WHO WILL IT BE?  I may never know…

Project Runway: Oh, PR, you’ve just begun and I won’t even see you get to the top half of designers.  Hopefully Tim will help you MAKE IT WORK!  also missing- that show following PR with Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice… reality tv gold I tell you.

The City: Will Whitney repair ANY of her relationships?  Roxy?  Kelly Cutrone?  Is she sewing her own clothes???  I NEED TO KNOW!  Also, what’s going to happen with Olivia, and is Erin’s head going to fall off soon?

The Office: I’m missing Michael Scott’s last season… tear.
Parks and Rec: This season made SEVERE improvements from the previous… which means things can only get better, right? If someone will just keep me up to date on the Andy/April story line, I might be ok.
Community: what types of farcical episodes will happen this season?  And was that kiss between Jeff and Annie real?  Was it???
30 Rock: Is Matt Damon on the show for real or for fake?  Also, this show keeps me sharp with endless pop culture references…  When I get back to land I’m going to be so 2010…

Modern Family: Do I really need to explain why I’m sad to be missing this show?  I didn’t think so…

Parenthood: My favorite new show from last season (and Modern Family’s dramatic foil).  So many questions: Will Lauren Graham’s character get her act together or will she date the super hot teacher of her daughter?  Did Hattie and Amber actually make up?  Is Crosby really going to NY?  What awkward teenage boy story line will happen for Drew?  How long will Julia stay so uptight? Will any of these fabulous actors win Emmies, because they should!

And if you’re already thinking I watch too much tv stop judging, because there are many more shows that I’ll miss, (but less than those already mentioned) like Millionaire Matchmaker, the Rachel Zoe Project and Kell on Earth… also Say yes to the dress…

If someone could just record all of Bravo’s fall programming and send it to me, that’d great. kthanks.


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