Things I’ll Miss At Sea: My Closet

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I’ve only recently really worked on my style.  In the last 8 months I’ve become more likely to dress up for no particular reason, be experimental with clothing and accessories, and I’ve slowly but surely honed my style (still not sure what it is exactly).

And now I’m at sea, with a couple of bags packed for 4 months of work and play.  For my position at sea, they provide most of my working wardrobe, but I also have to abide by certain level of dress whenever I’m in guest areas even if I’m not working.  Add that to the fact that we’ll have limited storage space, and we’re in the northwest for 5 weeks followed by Hawaiian islands for 15 weeks, and you can understand the difficulties of creating a condensed closet that travels well.

One of these days I’ll show you what I decided to take, but for now, let’s reminisce on some items I’m leaving behind, that will be sorely missed…

Oh leopard flats… I hope you know you’re loved.
You too, teal flats
Oh, I hardly ever wore you, but you hold a special place in my heart…
You too purple stilettos… if only you folded up…
Oh winter wear… I won’t need you in Hawaii, but I’ll miss wearing you.
Who am I kidding, I’ll miss pretty much everything I’m not taking, but other than those mentioned above it’s not really about missing specific items, so much as it’s about being able to pick what I wear from my entire wardrobe collection and dressing for just one person: Me.  As a freelancer, dance teacher, and performer, it really never mattered what I wore… so I had the freedom (and the time) to try all kinds of things, to wear whatever I wanted.  But now I’m going into a situation where I’m not dressing for just me (at least not most of the time) because my home life and my work life are not going to be all that separate.  No commute separating them… they’re (I’m assuming) going to be very much one in the same. So I’ll miss the freedom and options I had to create  outfits like the ones below (though you can be sure that I will be bringing some great options with me, and I’ll certainly work with what I’ve got!

Dear Closet, I hope you understand that I had to make choices… and I will miss you so!


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