On my back, a backpack and a purse

I’m not exactly known for packing light, but I hate dragging a suitcase through NYC public transport.  I also hate waiting for checked bags at airports.  So I decided I’d pull a Kendi.
Yeah, I loved her 30 for 30 challenge, so I decided that since I was going to be gone for 7 days I’d try to do a 7 for 7 (7 items, 7 outfits) and fit everything into my backpack and a (fairly large) purse so that I could just walk onto the plane.
Truth be told it ended up being an 8 for 7.  Give me a break, I had 7 days, 3 flights, and two cities.  Let me have my extra cardigan!
Here’s what I took:
8 Clothing Items
1 dress, 1 skirt
This little black dress is actually a swim cover up.  It’s strapless and just kind of flows to the knee so it looks great belted or with a scarf or cardigan over it to cover the shoulders.  It’s a great base layering piece to mix with colors or neutrals.  Plus you could wear a black dress daily with different accessories and get away with it, and it’s pretty much wrinkle free and doesn’t take up much space in the pack.  The skirt also travels well and is fun to add since it brings the color that the lbd doesn’t.
2 tanks
These both go with the skirt and travel well.
2 layering items: 1 vest, 1 cropped cardigan
Both give a little more interest to whatever they’re paired with.  I wore the denim vest whenever I was traveling to add an extra layer for warmth on the airplane.
2 pairs of flats
Yes, I buy multiple pairs of Rocketdog flats.  These cover my shoe needs in color, and in comfort since NYC = LOTS of walking.
So basically I had 2 base outfits for 7 days.  A tip: alternate outfits so that by the time you repeat a major item, it’s been forgotten 🙂  
I brought a few too many accessories, as you’ll see by the outfits I actually wore.  But it was important to me to have options, thus scarves and belts and jewelry gave me the options I craved while still being able to pack light (jewelry al fits into a small pouch, scarves and belts and hair accessories bunch up).
4 scarves
5 belts
1 cardigan (not a part of my 8 items, just for warmth on the airplane)
1 hat, 2 headbands, various pieces of jewelry, 2 pairs of sunglasses

Outfits I actually wore:
And then everything (all the clothes and accessories plus laptop, cell phone, ipod, chargers, makeup, travel toiletries, wallet, magazines, and hair notions) fit into these bags:
Have to admit that I was super happy with my first foray into packing light.
Any tips for traveling lightly?

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