over my head, notes from the road (plus my obsession with nyc)

Whether you know me “in real life” or just on the blog, you may be confused about where (geographically) The Guns and I are and why.  My scheduled posts have not really helped… pretty much everything you’ve read lately (except this) was written at least a week in advance with no reference to the current happenings in my life… so here’s the explanation

July 31: Move out of FW apartment
Aug 1-8: Our Midwestern Road Trip
Aug 8-11: In FW staying with very kind friends
Aug 11-14: The Guns and Bravo travel to Corpus Christi to stay with his parents, I got on a plane to NYC to visit friends and the city for a few days
Aug 14-17: I travel to Atlanta to visit my family and friends, The Guns and Bravo are still in Corpus
Aug 17-19: I travel to San Antonio, The Guns drives up to meet me and we head back to Corpus together to regroup for a couple days
Aug 20: OMG we start our new jobs, shipping out of Seattle

Basically, I knew that I wanted to visit my family once more before we started our job, but we couldn’t both afford to go, so as I was searching for airline deals I figured out that I could add a leg of my trip to NY for really cheap (ummm, I got a ticket from DFW-NYC-ATL-SA for just over $300….) and I’d been wanting to visit friends and the city anyway, so it worked out.  This was my first trip to NY by myself and my first trip solo post-wedding… it means something.  I missed The Guns a lot, but it was nice to do something on my own for myself.

Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time in airports and on planes lately, which makes me kind of pensive.  Anyone else feel that way? so here are some thoughts from the road:

1) People are really nice.  and NY people are really nice… not all of them, but a lot of them.  On my flights in and out of NY my seatmates were more chatty and likely to be helpful (I think this is because NY dwellers spend SOOO much more time in public space than most of us in the rest of the country.  They’re used to bumping into strangers on the subway and starting small talk out of necessity.  The majority of the country tends to go mute on a flight, but New Yorkers, according to my theory, view it as just an extended subway ride- with a way more comfy seat- and they’re happy to talk and make the situation more comfortable, it’s what they do everyday).  During my flight to NY my seatmate pulled out his own lunch and offered me a (rather large) slice of cantaloupe.  On my bus to Laguardia on my way to ATL I almost missed my stop at the airline terminal, but the dude next to me was like “you need to get off here- your terminals right there”  Thanks for meddling dude, you helped me out a lot.  My seatmate to ATL let me put my backpack under her seat and both of our purses under my seat so I didn’t have to put my pack in the overhead compartment.  Our other seatmate bought her a drink since she only had cash and the flight attendants will only take credit cards.  People are nice.

2) I’m way outdated, but I was reading old Entertainment Weekly magazines, and I mistakenly read an interview with the Twilight stars.  I kind of like Taylor Lautner, he seemed well-adjusted.  But the other two annoyed me. “our lives are so hard, and people don’t understand us”  Well, you certainly didn’t help yourself in my eyes.  Whatevs.

3) Does anyone else see the connection between the ending of The Hills and the ending of Inception?  Just me?  I’m the only freak?  I’m ok with that…

4) Don’t know what made me think of this, but does anyone else remember that cartoon movie The Brave Little Toaster?  Looking back, I so wanted to be in on that pitch meeting. “so, we’re going to make a cartoon… about a toaster. Because it’s shiny and kids love toast.”  Amazing.

And now for some pics from the city:

Went with my friend Jason to see this Off-Broadway play… it was so fabulous, and if you like clothes at all (it basically tells tons of fun and moving stories that are all centered around certain clothing items) you’ll love it.  Jason deserves major props for being the only guy there under the age of 50, but we both had a great time.  Highly recommend it to my fashion-loving friends.

the Great Lawn in Central Park
Belvedere Castle in central Park
I love Central Park
Times Square- I always have to stop by, but not for very lon
New Statue in Times Square for the Kiss In event celebrating our armed forces
Naked Cowboy
I went to the new Forever 21 in times Square.  I spent $7.
There are 4 levels… fashion overload
I felt awkward taking photos there (there were secret-service looking security guards walking around) 
so here’s an off hand shot of the interior of the entry floor.
Thanks to Ang and Jason for letting me stay with them and hanging out with me in the city!
Coming soon: How to travel to NYC in just a purse and a backpack.

One thought on “over my head, notes from the road (plus my obsession with nyc)

  1. I actually caught the last five minutes of the Hills finale…yeah, that was weird and so surreal. Were they playing a joke on viewers the whole time? You're right, it is a bit like Inception!

    Your photos make me miss NYC so much. I want to go back so bad soon.

    It was so great to see you this weekend! Good luck with everything coming up! 🙂

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