on my back, urban mustard

I love this outfit, but I kind of feel like a Bratz doll in it.  The booties with the schoolgirlesque pleated denim skirt just feels young and the whole combination has that sassy, urban, “I’m so cute… you better not mess with me” vibe.  Like a Bratz doll.  Plus I have my tote-sized chihuahua.

I bought these booties to fulfill my bootieless closet (bootieless meaning that I don’t have booties, the shoe, not the body part or the pirate’s treasure.)  But this is only the third time I’ve worn them.  They are great and work for all seasons but they are a lot of work.  Check out that heel!  My calves were mooing by the end of the day.

kind of in love with the back of this top…

I honestly don’t know if I would have worn this outfit in Fort Worth, but I was meeting a friend (hi Bridesmaid A!) at an upscale shopping area in Dallas (oh no!  I went to Dallas!). Many types of style are accepted in Fort Worth, but for some reason this look doesn’t fit here like I feel like it does in Dallas.  We had sushi and then did a lot of window shopping at Urban Outfitters, Francesca’s, Loft (I saw 3 of Kendi’s 30 for 30 items there, and I almost bought them… but I refrained), American Apparel (unless I’m buying neon-colored dancewear, I do NOT get the appeal of that store), and West Elm.

Would you dress like a Bratz doll?  🙂


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