Land Bucket List: EPIC ROAD TRIP

We took a road trip.  Me, The Guns, and Bravo

I cannot tell a lie, The Guns, drove most of the way, but I did my fair share
The reason for this trip was two-fold: 1) we visited friends and family that we had not seen for some time, and could not predict when we would see them again. 2) We were homeless.  We moved out of our apartment July 28- July 30 (BIG thanks to mom for helping us, and to our friends Scott and Josie for letting us stay in their apartment while we were moving our stuff to storage, we could NOT have done it without you) so we figured we’d travel around after that (we don’t start working until August 20), stopping for 1-3 nights here and there.  It worked out quite well actually.
Note: While there are lots of photos, I actually did a poor job of documenting the trip, particularly all the people we saw, so my apologies.
We went through west Texas, up through the Oklahoma panhandle, to Denver, Colorado to visit our friends Julia and Josh (thanks so much for your hospitality and also I’m sorry again for breaking that platter!) and Ryan and Kim.  Our visit also coincided with my friend Lauren’s move to Denver with her husband, so we caught up with them and another friend Keri, who made the trip with them to help.  So we hung out with them a bit in Downtown Denver.  Ryan and Kim took us to Idaho Springs where we ate at Beau Joe’s Pizza and visited Echo Lake.  During the days, The Guns and I went exploring and at one point found ourselves in Arvada, a tiny little town that has preserved the look of its historic downtown area.
After 3 days and 4 nights in Denver we took the wonderful trip from Eastern Colorado, through Kansas, to my mom’s hometown of Owensville, Missouri about 90 miles east of St. Louis… it was a long drive, but Kansas is only half as boring as I thought it would be.  We stayed with my uncle and visited with my grandmother for a day, and drove to Warrenton to visit my friend Shelby and her family (thanks for dinner and putting up with Bravo and his small dog complex!).  The next day we drove to Springfield, Missouri (in southwestern part of the state) to visit my grandparents on my dad’s side.  We visited the Bass Pro Shop (the original, part shop, part animal exhibit, part outdoor extravaganza) and they took us on a tour of Branson.  

And then we returned by way of Arkansas and Oklahoma to Fort Worth where we stayed with some friends of ours from church, The Abrahams, who were kind enough to open their home to us while we’re in limbo for a few days before our next leg of travel.
Road Trip Stats:
2470 miles
one check engine light
6 states 
36 or so hours of driving
one book on tape (confessions of a shopaholic… eh, it kept us awake)
3 comedy cds (can’t recommend any… they were filthy… we wished we’d picked others)
3 books (A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Middlesex, What the Dog Saw)
18 friends and family visited
4 five hour energy drinks
countless caffeinated beverages
many meals
lots of love
State of Land Bucket List: 7 down, 1 in progress, 3 to go

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