FW Bucket List: The yogurt shops

Have frozen yogurt shops hit your town?  They are taking over FW, so The Guns and I decided to check out each and every one (all 7!) and review them.  Because we’re yogurt nerds.  I thought about making a big formula that took a score for each locations combining their grades for taste, texture, atmosphere, price, flavor options, topping options, and service… but then I realized I’d have to do math and that you might stop reading, so I decided to just give you some qualitative data so that you can make an informed yogurt decision.

First, some things you need to know:
1) This is real frozen yogurt.  Remember the fro-yo of the nineties?  It wasn’t as fattening as ice cream but it’s not actual yogurt with live cultures (anyone else have to stop thinking about yogurt when people mention “cultures” and you realize you’re eating bacteria?  really, it’s better not to know, I think) that happens to be frozen. The stuff I’m talking about is not just lite ice cream… so it has a different taste, a tart freshness.  Some people like it, others hate it… but just so you know, I’m talking about the tart yogurt, not the old TCBY.

2) My first experience with this kind of yogurt was at Pinkberry in NYC.  To me, Pinkberry (at least in NY) is the standard in taste and shop atmosphere, so all other yogurt shops will be graded accordingly.

3) There are two types of yogurt shops: self- serve and clerk-serve.  Self-serve lets you dispense your own yogurt in as many flavors and toppings as you can fit in a bowl and charges you per ounce.  Clerk-serve is more traditional.  You go tell a clerk what you want, and what size and they get it for you, charging you per size and sometimes also per topping.

4) To keep my experiences comparable, I always got tart yogurt with some sort of fresh fruit topping.  Also, that’s my favorite anyway, so it worked out (ya’ll, if I wanted something sweet I’d go to an ice cream shop)

Got it?  Ok, let’s check out some yogurt shops!

Berriblu– clerk serve
Prices: small, 3.75- kids, 2.75- large, 4.75- first topping .75
Options: 3 flavors including cake batter. 12-15 topping options
Taste: yum, but nothing special.
Atmosphere: calm, blue, modern interior, comfy leather seating
Go here if… it’s convenient.  But there are better yogurt options out there.

Frogberry– clerk serve
Prices: we paid 4.82 for a small with one topping, prices were not displayed (LAME!)
Options: 3 flavors rotating daily, plus extensive toppings including cereals, candies, and fresh fruit
Taste: I got the plain tart with mango topping.  The fruit was fresh, but sour.  The yogurt had a grainy texture.  Not a fan.
Atmosphere: cool modern look overall with sleek purple furniture and clear hi-top tables and chairs, but they’ve recently added some hippie murals on their wall (think- BIG purple peace sign…)… I guess they’re emphasizing their green-ness (they use all recyclable materials) but it felt like the Brady Bunch decorated.
Go here if… you don’t mind waiting (slow service) or cheesy hippy references

Menchies– self-serve
Price: .44/ounce- as many flavors or toppings as you want
Options: 12 flavors rotating daily- original tart flavors, plus lots of fruit based flavors as well as sweet concoctions like chocolate or red velvet.  Lots of sweet toppings, lacking in the fruit options.  Plus the fruit sits out, and never looks that fresh
Taste: fine, but I like my fruit fresher
Atmosphere: really crowded depending on when you go.  Can be a madhouse filled with sorority girls, young families with tons of kids, and high school girls.  When we went, 3 17-year-old girls were running the place.  But there’s plenty of seating.  Basically, it’s the Disney world of yogurt shops: sensory overload from the pink, orange and green decor and long lines.
Go here if… you love sweets but want to pretend that since you’re covering YOGURT with candy that maybe somehow it’s good for you?  Oh, also if standing in lines sounds like fun and if you’re avoiding the fruit toppings.

Tart Yogurt Bar– self serve
Price: one of the best values at .39/ounce
Options: 8 rotating flavors, lots of toppings.  Fruit was fresh!
Taste: it melted quickly, but the taste was a great tartness- clean and fresh.  A little too cold for me but not grainy
Atmosphere: very laidback, doesn’t seem to be crowded ever.  Orange and green decor.  Minimalist furniture, but comfy.
Go here if… you’re on a yogurt budget.  Best value, and a good taste, but not the most fun 

Yo– self serve
Price: .43/ounce
Options: 12 flavors rotating out of 30, lots of toppings of the sweet and fruit kind
Taste: yum…not too cold, not too melty, not grainy, and plenty of tart
Atmosphere: cool blue interior, again, modern sleek feel in lighting and furniture
Go here if… you need a study break (it’s practically on TCU’s campus).  Also go here if Yogolait is closed.

Yofe– clerk-serve
Price: 3.50 for a small serving plus two toppings and granola or pecans
Options: 2 flavors, fruit options, plus granola.
Taste: They put the fruit underneath the yogurt, which was a nice change.  This is a bit grainy and melts quickly but it tastes most like the yogurt you buy at the grocery store, just frozen.  It’s different but good.
Atmosphere: orange and green interior and furniture, nice place to chill… also, yofe is a yogurt and sandwich shop, and also serves non-frozen yogurt.  Seems like a health-nut place to go.
Go here if… you want real food with your yogurt, and you don’t mind having just a couple options

Yogolait- self-serve
Price: .40/ounce
Options: 9 flavors rotating weekly… they’re always trying new flavors like watermelon, banana pudding, aloe vera (????), peanut butter.  Personally, I stick to Italian tart, the tartiest, but if you like less tart you can try the classic tart (slight tart) or the California Tart (laidback who cares tart).  the 3 tarts are always in rotation.  Tons of toppings options, and the most options for fruit and mochi that I’ve ever seen, and all seem very fresh.
Taste: my personal favorite.  Creamy not grainy.  Perfection in tartness.  A little cold, but doesn’t melt too fast.
Atmosphere: bright colors, lots of wall art, modern lighting, comfy seating.  Always a movie or tv show on the flat screen on the wall.  FYI: they’re a Christian company (it seems) which affects their music choice as well as their hours (closed on Sunday… I respect it, but that’s usually when I want my yogurt…)
Go here if… you want the best yogurt experience (on a weekday or Saturday).  Laidback, great options, good price, very tasty, not too crowded.

Dudes: none of these yogurt shops knew I was reviewing them (although, aren’t we all under constant review when we put our services out there for customers?  yeah, chew on that) and no one gave me money or freebies for what I’m saying here.  I’m just saying what’s on my heart because I love yogurt of the frozen tart variety.

Also Dudes: a new yogurt shop opened just as I completed this task… yogurtland… have no idea where it falls in all of this, but refused to add it to my list of things to do.

State of FW Bucket List: 17 down, 1 failed, 2 cheated, 0 to GO!

FW Bucket List: COMPLETE


6 thoughts on “FW Bucket List: The yogurt shops

  1. You missed 2 that I know of… one on Bryant Irvin. Costs like 43c an ounce, so a full contianed runs $4.75 or so. Not bad. Lots of fruit and candy to choose from.

    The one Katrina and I prefer is the one in Montgomery plaza, next to Boomerjack's. Same toppings, but get this.. only 30c an ounce!!! A full container costs $2.75 or so.

    Score!! – Andrew

  2. Andrew-
    can i just say that I think it's ridiculous that I missed one? That makes 9 within miles of each other, which is silly. Where on Bryant Irvin? Is the cheap one yogurtland… it only recently opened, after I had used up my yogurt fund (jk… no, but really, I'd had enough yogurt) that's why I didn't go there.

    Jenn- no worried on the fro-yo, I just don't personally like rhyming nicknames. And YES! do a Boston Bucket List- I love it! You'll have lots of cool things to choose from.

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