on my back, bohemian (old and new)

Some may call me artsy, but I doubt anyone would call me bohemian.  But I like to dress like I am.  Remember when Boho Chic first got really popular?  In 2005 I think… or at least, that’s when these long skirts were pushed into stores, causing me to notice the boho chic trend.  But now it seems to be acceptable to go bohemian (at least in your dress) every summer.  

This is probably a little too bright to technically qualify as bohemian, but hey, this is my interpretation.  I’ve bought this top and skirt at the same time (wow, I rarely buy an outfit anymore) in 2005, and I almost wore it out.  It’s been a summer staple (for the most part) ever since.  The shoes, hat, and scarf are purchases I made this year, and I think they fit into the bohemian look quite well.


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