FW Bucket List: FW Zoo

Growing up I went to the Atlanta Zoo usually once a year or so, and I was pretty spoiled because it’s one of the better zoos in the nation, might even be number 1 if it weren’t for pesky San Diego!  I’d been to the FW zoo, but it had been a few years for both me and The Guns so that’s why it got on the list.

It’s a pretty awesome zoo ya’ll, rated in the top 5 in the US!  Also, it’s pretty cheap to go in comparison to Atlanta or San Diego ($5 for parking, $12 for adult admission), so if you’re in the Fort, check it out.  For animal lovers that are zoo skeptics: these are all habitat living animals, no cages, very open, and a lot of the animals were super active while we were there, which tells me that they’re not miserable (it’s very sad to go to a zoo/animal park and see a wild animal just sitting in a corner of a small cage, not going to happen here).

I took way too many photos, but here are some of my favorites (after the jump):

anyone else notice that flamingos are always the first exhibit in a zoo?  Also, where exactly are flamingos from?  These are the things I should read on those little signs they post…
Soo, Fort Worth gorillas pose.  
Left Gorilla: “come join me in my yoga session”
Right Gorilla: “I’m ignoring you, stoically”
For real, he’s stretching!
Working the profile shot
He literally walked into the middle of the exhibit, stopped, and gave us this pose.  
Tyra would have been so proud.
Umm, he at that orange.  Whole.  Juice came out of his mouth.
Can we just talk about how beautifully odd giraffes look?  They must be aliens.
Notice how all these deer-like things are all clustered together… well, earlier in the day we heard a roar, which we assume was from the lions (though it sounded like it came from Jurassic Park). The lion exhibit was right across the walkway from these poor little deer… I think they were scared for the rest of the day.
I think he’s trying to remove his food dish…
I imagine all Aussies lounge like this.
me with my favorite animal
penguin feeding!
I’m just a jaguar, laying on my back
This was the Texas area of the zoo. 
Only a Texas zoo would feature their own wildlife in a ghost town…
River otter gets the gold for the underwater backstroke
Why yes, that is a horned frog!
Me, petting Texas marine life.
this bear was like “hey!”
And now, for the best part of the zoo.  I took a little video for you.  Of chimps
You’re Welcome

State of Fort Worth Bucket List: 16 down, 1 failed, 2 cheated, 1 to go

2 thoughts on “FW Bucket List: FW Zoo

  1. I love the FW zoo! The gorilla habitat was great. I still remember watching an ape begging to go back inside into the air conditioning. Like, “Dude. I live in captivity, at least let me be in captivity in cooommmfooorrrtttt.”

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