FW Bucket List: The Stockyards and Billy Bob’s

Confession: This is *technically* a bucket list fail.  Well, a bucket list cheat…

All of these photos are from visits we made previous to the formation of the bucket list.  In my defense, we’ve clearly been before, and we were just running out of time.  Plus, there are certain windows of time that you have to go in order to really appreciate this area, and our schedule just didn’t allow it.  So while we failed, we had good reasons, and I can tell you all about an area of our town that really shows its true character.

The Stockyards represent Fort Worth’s historical district, and have been at their current location in some form since the late 1800s.  Millions of cattle were driven through Fort Worth (that’s how we became known as “cowtown”) since it was the last stop for rest and supplies for cattle drivers heading west across the Red River.  Once the railroad through Fort Worth was completed, the stockyards were developed as an area to buy and sell cattle.

Currently the area is still used as a livestock exchange area, but it’s also built up as a tourist and entertainment all around it to reflect the historical area.  So there’s lots of restaurants featuring local cuisine (everything from barbecue to authentic Mexican cuisine), lots of shops featuring western wear, and lots of Texas entertainment.

The Stockyards feature a cattle drive through the main street twice daily.  Cowboys mosey down the road on horseback and warn tourists to stay out of the way of the longhorns.  It’s pretty humorous to watch.

A big draw in the Stockyards area is Billy Bob’s Texas.  Billy Bob’s is the world’s largest honky tonk.  It’s a HUGE venue that hosts country music concerts, professional bull riding, and a dance floor with a silver saddle hung from the ceiling that acts like a disco ball.  People come to line dance and two step.  It’s a popular spot for college students- during the year it’s free for students on Thursday nights.

line dancing lesson!
Texas Two Step!
The Guns and I have been to both the Stockyards and nearby Billy Bob’s several times together, and it’s definitely a must-see if you’re ever in Fort Worth.

State of Fort Worth Bucket List: 15 down, 1 failed, 2 cheated, 2 to go.


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