on my back, bright white

Have you ever struggled with an outfit?  Well, that was me the day I wore this.  I think I tried on about 20 combinations before I ended up here.  For some reason I really wanted to make an outfit around this scarf.
While it’s beautiful, you might notice that the colors and floral in this scarf make it a little 80s tastic (no doubt the reason why my mom let me take it off her hands).  But I knew it could be something so I tried to pair it with a few different tops.  The only problem is that I don’t own any clothing items that really match the colors in the scarf.  Everything that I tried was just enough “off” that it ended up looking pretty crazy.
So I decided to let the scarf shine against a bright white backdrop.  Since my new favorite look is “belted house dress”, I just tucked in a white t-shirt to my white skirt, and belted with my teal belt.  That was the other key to this outfit for me… normally I bring neutrals in through my belt and shoes, but this time I brought color in there since my outfit was primarily a neutral.  I added the teal bracelet to repeat the teal choice a total of 3 times, which makes the color choice seem a little less random.  Of course, it also helps that there is a shade of teal in the scarf as well.
Inspired by my success with the cream scarf and red dress, I decided to experiment with my scarf-wearing in this outfit as well.  I liked the scarf as a bib, but also wanted something that wouldn’t interfere with my belt.  So I turned it around.  
Having the bow in front like this kind of reminds of a sailor’s scarf or something…
…plus you get a nice little surprise when you turn around!  It’s like a cape!
Showing off the purse The Guns got me as a wedding present.  He has the greatest taste.
Are you wearing all white this summer?

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