About my obsession with… Ke$ha

Ok, so before you totally lose all respect for me, I need to explain a couple of things.  First off, when I say I’m “obsessed” with Ke$ha, I really mean I’m obsessed with her songs.  And lip syncing to them.  and dancing.  in my car… especially when there’s someone next to me at the stoplight who decides to join in with me in their car. And especially if that person is a teenage boy.  
Yes, that actually happened.  Yes it was a pretty awesome moment in my life.
Seriously, I do like Ke$ha’s songs, especially since I heard an interview with her where she was basically like “don’t take me seriously, for real, just have fun.”  Now that is a celebrity/pop star stance I can get behind.
So I don’t practice or condone the lifestyle she sings about, but I will make up a dance to do in my kitchen while I lip sync it.  And I will post it on my blog.
Oh, and this is my contributions to National Dance Day (today!)… because this is a dance we can all join in on!
Oh and also, I know this is long and ridiculous, but I just don’t have the time to edit at the moment…
ps- I made this video the day before I heard her new song which is kind of crazy and all kinds of dirty… not really a fan of that one.  My love for Ke$ha does not extend to the entirety of her musical stylings…

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