Land Bucket List: Attend a Sporting Event

Oh friends, you know how I love sports.  Especially basebally, aka the slowest sport known to man that I will willingly attend (I will not willingly attend the actual slowest sport known to man: golf).  But The Guns loves all sports equally, so I knew he’d like an anniversary present of baseball tickets.

Plus I put it on our bucket list so he’d have some fun too… he deserves it.

So we went to see the Rangers play the Angels.  My mom was in town helping us move out of our apartment so she came too.  This was good because my mom loves baseball (her words to The Guns before he married me regarding my lack of interest in sports, “I’m sorry, I tried, I really did.”) and The Guns had someone to talk to who cared.

But don’t worry I had fun too.  I had someone to talk to.


That’s right, we brought our dog to the ballgame.  It was quite serendipitous.  When I was looking at baseball tickets, one of the only games we could attend was also the Rangers’ Dog Day.  Which meant pretty decent seats (4th row, right field, with a nice view of the foul pole… ok not great seats, but we were low enough to really see everything) at a really decent price ($25 for a fan with a dog, $15 for each additional fan)… plus the dogs, so I was pretty excited.

When we first got to the ballpark, we parked really far away, and we saw exactly ZERO other dogs.  and I started to panic… but when we finally got to dog will call we saw TONS of dogs.  Big dogs, little dogs, dogs in jerseys, dogs with caps, cute dogs and cuter dogs.  We walked in and they gave us 2 big gift bags filled with treats and water bowls.  There was a dog area with pools of water (whoa, it was hot) and a pet photographer doing portraits that made your heart melt.  I think I saw every breed of dog there: great danes (aka, miniature horses that bark), pomeranians, chihuahuas, dachsunds, mastiffs, bulldogs, eskimo dogs, huskies, mutts, pugs, king Charles spaniels, beagles, corgis, akitas, papillions, and many that should just be called adorable.  So adorable that I had to come to terms with the fact that there are many dogs out there that are *gasp* cuter than Bravo (don’t tell him I said that).

tired out

The other great thing about dog day: the dog gets two seats.  Some people needed that, but Bravo was content to lay under our seats most of the time, so we got to spread out.  The dogs seemed a bit hot, but also seemed to love being outside with their people in the ballpark atmosphere.  It was fun to just look around at all the different canines and their owners.  Some of whom looked alike.

Dude looks like his dog…

Oh yeah, and the Rangers won, so we were happy.  Seriously though, this was probably my favorite sporting event that I ever attended.  And I actually paid attention.  Which is good since we won’t be able attend any other games for awhile (sorry the Guns).  This was a land bucket list WIN!

State of Land Bucket List: 5 down, 1 in progress, 3 to go.


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