FW Bucket List: West 7th Street Area (+ a land bucket list item)

So, remember when I posted about Magnolia Ave, and mentioned how vintage the area felt?  It’s interesting the how incredibly different two areas of a small city can be.  Both the Magnolia Ave area and the West 7th Street Area are kind of the up and coming areas of FW for dining and entertainment, yet they are so different.  West 7th has gone the extreme opposite direction, being a very modern area, as you can tell by the architecture here, as well as the types of businesses that are setting up here (boutiques,  nicer restaurants, sandwich/snack shops, pubs, etc.).
One thing I’ve noticed over the past few years in the smaller and/or up and coming cities is what’s being billed as “live, work, play” area.   Essentially, these areas are kind of outdoor commercial AND residential areas: the top of the buildings are apartments, lofts, or condos, and the bottoms are shops and restaurants, and they’re very close to major office buildings, sometimes even connected to the rest of the complex. And that’s essentially what the entire West 7th area- several different shopping/ residential/ office parks.. with living and shopping all at different price points!
This area has been growing for awhile, but I haven’t taken the time to explore it, so The Guns and I came  down to the Movie Tavern (movie and dinner! also bucket list, check! ) to walk around and see Knight and Day (much better than I thought it would be, but I was glad we had free passes for the theater…)
You might have been able to tell from the photos that we were, again, rained out of our bucket list experience (which has happened to us a couple of times now….). In fact we had flash flood warnings, and certain parts of this area are easily flooded…
To that man pushing his car… sorry, I needed this photo for documentation purposes.
The Guns and I got a little wet, but we still had fun.
But I did not give up… We came back the next week on a sunnier day to explore a little more.
I was glad we came again and explored (bucket list, check!), but I did discover that there’s a lot less on the street than I thought… at least in this section (like I said, there are a few of these little living/office parks in this area, but they all kind of stand as their own entities).  There were really just a few restaurants and a gym and a couple of shops. But a lot more is being built.
From what I can tell, these areas are geared toward the young professional.  live close to work, live close to play… and apparently they’re willing to pay a LOT to do so… I have this fantasy of The Guns and I living in one of those luxury lofts or condos… so we went to take a tour (it’s on our land bucket list so we had to).  Ummm… we only visited one apartment, but they were beautiful.  Hardwood floors, great kitchen, fancy counters, huge bathroom and closet.  But while they were gorgeous it’s not that much bigger than our current apartment and the lowest rent (for a ONE bedroom!) is $1295/month.  Their highest is a 2-bedroom for $2750…For me, once you get up to that price point (at least in FW Texas…) you might as well get a mortgage instead.
Oh, but Bravo would have looked awesome in that apartment!
The 7th Street area used to be a street filled with warehouses, including an old Montgomery Ward building.  In the early 2000s a tornado hit Fort Worth, and basically blew down the street, pretty much demolishing everything in its path.  So to say this area is experiencing a rebirth is kind of an understatement.  The first area to rise up came out of that Montgomery Ward building- hence the name of this “live, work, play area” Montgomery Plaza.
After we explored and took our tour we went across the street to Montgomery Plaza to grab some fried plantains!
I could definitely live in an area like this, but we really need an up in our salary to justify it.  So for now, I’ll take my 12X12 box for free, my travel, my salary, and my free food.
State of FW Bucket List: 13 down, 1 failed, 6 to go
State of Land Bucket List: 4 down, 2 in progress, 4 to go

2 thoughts on “FW Bucket List: West 7th Street Area (+ a land bucket list item)

  1. To my fellow Nutella Junkie:

    My sister used to live in Dallas, and my favorite thing when I visited was getting to go to the Fort Worth Zoo. I can still recall my BIL calling FW “Dallas's messed up Little Brother.” Thank you for curing me of sharing his opinion.

    You know I saw them filming Knight and Day outside my office. Cam was wearing the damn yellow dress for days.

  2. FW zoo post coming up! It is pretty awesome.

    yeah, that's what a dallas-dweller would say, but I know that Dallas is FW's pretentious older brother. perspective my friend. glad you have a place in your heart for cowtown.

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