On my back, creativity

When I first dabbled in style blogging and really started experimenting I had a lot of fun.  But as it got warmer and warmer I started to worry if I’d be able to keep it up.  Part of the fun I had with it was that I was layering.  Just throwing on a cardigan or a scarf made me feel like I’d actually put an outfit together, it gave me something to have fun with while working on an outfit
But it is really, really hot right now, and layering would be too much.  Even though it was raining the day I took these photos (hence the umbrella, which would be WAY cooler in these photos if it was white, or cream.) it was still really hot.  In fact, the only reason I put on a scarf was because I had to run errands and felt a little awkward showing so much skin.  So I tried this scarf, but it looked to bulky in my usual European loop, so then I decided to try it like a shrug, but it kept falling off my shoulders.  So I got out my safety pin…
… and you might be able to see in this photo that I pinned the bottom together so that it would just hang on my shoulders.  I was pretty proud of myself.  You see, normally in the summer I just throw on one layer and hope to survive, but I feel like by adding the scarf/shrug I kind of transformed this look… 
…because once I paired this cream scarf with the cream in the print, that gave me perfect reason to pick the cream flower ring, and the cream canvas wedges with the brown trim to pick up the brown in the belt.  Plus it gave me the inspiration to pick those cream circle earrings (which make me feel so ladylike no matter what I’m wearing).  You can’t see them but the earrings are cream with red cherries and green stems, which made me feel pretty clever since it’s an inverse of the dress: red with cream colored flowers and green stems.  I also had fun playing with different scarf looks.  Above, the scarf is kind of a vest.
Here it’s a looser shrug, almost a shawl
And here it’s almost like part of the dress’ neckline.
By the way, this dress represents my reconciliation with the bubble hem.  When the bubble hem first became popular a few years back I just could not get my head around it.  I thought it cut the line of your leg in such a weird way.  Plus, it reminded me of the hems of sweatpants with the gathered ankles… so not flattering.  But now, bubble hems, I get you.  You are whimsical and delightful, and I plan to welcome you into my life.
How are you being creative with your summer wardrobe?  What’s your least creative season?  Any fashion trends that you’re accepting a bit late in the game?

One thought on “On my back, creativity

  1. You look like such a lady, K. I love the cut and print of this dress and all the ways you've worked your scarf/shawl are creative.

    I don't think I've been that creative with my wardrobe this summer — it's so hot over here that it has been hard to layer more than a scarf. I think winter is my least creative season — though it offers options to layer, the lack of good lighting during the day also cramps on creativity.
    I'm very late in accepting headbands. I know that seems really bland of me. When they got re-popular a couple years ago because of Gossip Girl, I told myself, it's too campy and I don't want to look too much like a schoolgirl. But I've realized now that they are perfect for that awkward growing-out-my-bangs period.

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