by my side, nic and jess’ wedding

When I was working at Six Flags I met two great singer-performers who had recently started dating: Nic and Jess.  I made a joke about them getting married, and they both nervously laughed.  Well, they did just that in July, and The Guns and I were able to attend their beautiful and unique ceremony and reception.  It was a great time of celebration with lots of friends that we don’t see very often. 
We were greeted with wedding programs titled: WEDBILL- as in playbill.  These two love performing, so they transformed their wedding program into a wedding-themed playbill. At the bottom of the program cover was the groom’s last name- the name of their production (cropped out for privacy purposes).  How cute is that???  The Wedbill included bios of the wedding party that read like actors’ bios in a broadway production, as well as a plot synopsis that described how they met and how Nic proposed.  And, of course, they had a red carpet entering their reception hall.  It was great because the night was like the premiere of the show that is their life, and we were all invited.  Normally, I don’t really like themed weddings.  But the way they did it worked really well because the theme was personal to them and showed off their unique story.  Their music was great too… all contemporary including “Grow Old with You” from The Wedding Singer for the seating of the parents, , “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds for the unity candle, and Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” for the exit!
This is the only acceptable photo I have of the ceremony- the chair cover!  Jess is a girl after my own heart in terms of decor, everything was simple and elegant.  Her colors were black, white, and red.  So chic.  Her bridesmaids wore gorgeous black satin cocktail dresses in different styles.  They each carried a single white rose.  Jess carried a bouquet of red roses.  The guys wore black suits with black shirts, white ties, and white boutonniere, while Nic wore all white with a red boutonniere.
My friend made the cake which tasted awesome and looked beautiful!
Like I said, we were greeted by a red carpet at the reception along with tons of white and red roses.  We ate some of the best food (and a great variety) I’ve ever eaten at a wedding.  An antipasto tray, fruits, mini crab cakes, turkey, GREAT beef, mushroom caps, fried ravioli, a cheese tray, plus the amazing cake and champagne for toasts (plus they offered soft drinks with the meal, so I was a happy girl). 
Jess and Nic looked so happy and beautiful.  Here they are dancing to a recording of Nic singing “The Way you Look Tonight.”
Oh, and this is what I wore!
I’ll admit, if I’d known it was a black and white wedding I would have worn a little black dress, but I still liked my outfit.  A great summer dress, that’s not a throw-it-on sundress.  Plus I wore the shoes from my own wedding, a little over a year before.
Congratulations Nic and Jess!  I hope you love married life as much as I do.  Your wedding was fabulous!

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