On my back, one dress, two ways

You’ve seen this dress before.  I’m head over heels in love with this skirt because of all the potential color combinations (though I generally favor pairing it with purple… but hey, I love purple) and because I feel like I’m wearing art.  Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to look at this outfit two ways.
Let’s start with the more buttoned up version: The dress is a basic teal tube top with a slight empire waist where the skirt starts.  Straight tube tops are not all that flattering on me, so I was glad to cover it up with this structured vest-like piece (seriously, what should I call this particular garment piece?  A vest?  A cap-sleeved blazer? please advise).  I’m actually pretty surprised that it has not made it to the blog yet, because I wear it all the time.  The sleeves make my shoulders so prominent, it makes me think that if Lady Gaga had been a lawyer, she would wear this top to the law office…And of course, I’ll take any chance to wear my plum stilettos.
Next is the more casual look…
I feel like adding the brown belt and canvas and brown wedges makes it a little more carefree.  Plus, while the spaghetti straps do little for me, I do think having this top makes it seem thrown together, while the other looks more thought out, for some reason… 
In case you’re wondering, for this look folded the top of the dress down, letting just a little teal from the top show at the waist, and then tucked my tank into what was now a skirt, and belted over the top.  I’m tricky like that.
Which do you like better?  Do you prefer to look pulled together?  Or do you like to look like you just threw something on and look fabulous anyway?

One thought on “On my back, one dress, two ways

  1. I adore outfit #1. I could so wear that to work and feel stylish. I consider the cream colored top a jacket. I have one similar to it in black and I have worn in on interviews during the summer with a ruffled top. Those jackets are awesome because you really can dress them up or down. So far this has to be one of my favorite outfits!


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