Land bucket list: Host Party (or co-host 2!)

When I put “host a party” on our land bucket list I fully intended it to be at our apartment.  Well friends, that did not happen (please note my integrity, I could have lied to you… but I did not!).  But I did help plan, provide food, and essentially co-host two parties for two of my favorite people here in the Fort, in the photo above, H and L.  I helped H throw a lingerie shower for L who is getting married in September (planning games and providing some food and drink).  L and I banded together along with another friend V to throw an all-out SURPRISE bash for H’s birthday/going away celebration.  All festivities were held at their place, since they have such a great party location.
For me a big part of throwing a party is food.  Making it, and asking other people to chip in (hello, we’re all on a budget, so let’s everyone contribute!), generally making sure that there is good food of many kinds there.  We could not have fed all the lovely friends that showed up for H’s bash without the help of many people bringing various dishes and drinks, and L’s fiance offering to grill up hot dogs.  My one faux pas: asking V, our co-conspirator to provide hot dogs… he’s a vegetarian and graciously bought them anyway, but had a hard time finding them in the grocery store!
I have perfected exactly 3 appetizers/desserts that work well at parties:
Jalapeno poppers- courtesy of the Pioneer Woman (umm, these are amazing, and a great cheap snack that reheats super easily.  But take it from L, do NOT try to make these with low/nonfat cream cheese).
Darn Good Chocolate Cake (NOM NOM NOM!) courtesy of my mom/the cake mix doctor
Apple Dumplings, courtesy of the Pioneer Woman (this photo shows them uncooked).  Let’s pretend that  the dumplings don’t contain a lot of butter or sugar… oh wait…
Yeah, that’s what makes it taste so great… oh, and this
We did a really bad job of photo-documenting H’s bash, but basically a ton of people showed up and kept it a secret from her.  It involved lots of lying to her about what was going on as well as a blindfold and a private facebook event.  She was totally surprised and the party was a blast.  And, like I said, everyone contributed tons of time and effort to help me, L, and V make it a special day for her.  I will tell you this, surprise parties are super hard to pull off, but it’s such a great payoff.  Everyone should throw and receive at least one in their life.
While we did not do a great job of documenting the party, we did get a great photo of the dancer friends that came to celebrate.
For L’s lingerie shower I contributed food and drink along with H and our friend E.  It was a great night of pretty underthings and girliness.
The food spread for the shower.
Champagne with raspberries!
State of Land Bucket List: 3 down,  2 in progress, 5 to go!

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