If you’ve been reading the blog for any amount of time, you know that The Guns and I are big fans of our alma mater, TCU.  That’s pretty true of any TCU alum, you just can’t leave without bleeding purple. How can you not be proud when your mascot is the horned frog?  Awesome, yes.  Anyway, for various reasons, we’ve managed to hang out around TCU for the last few years even though The Guns graduated 5 years ago and I graduated 2 years ago.  Oh well, we love student life.  Plus we met there, and got engaged there.  So we decided to take a walking visit one evening for fun, and to show our old haunts to Bravo… yes, we are THOSE dog parents.
Above is a photo of the main residential portion of campus.  Ironically, most of this was not there when we were in school.  The lawn used to be a huge parking lot.
We took photos in front of the residential halls that we lived in over the years.  This is Moncrief, which was an honors and athletes dorm (which is why I’m brushing off my shoulders… so cool…), and it’s where I spent my freshman and sophomore year.
There’s lots of construction on The Guns’ freshman dorm… he looks confused because we don’t know where the sign naming the building is… It’s named Milton Daniel, and it was a freshman all-male dorm that met all the stereotypes of freshman all-male dorms.
Clark is where The Guns spent his sophomore year.  It used to be all male… interestingly, TCU now has no all-male dorms.  Just co-ed and all female, which is needed because the male:female ratio fluctuates around 40:60.  
Family photo in front of the campus apartments where we both lived during our junior and senior years.  You might notice that all of the buildings have the same yellow brick.  That’s our brick. Literally, it’s patented as TCU brick, and only the university can use it.  (why yes, I was a TCU tour guide.  How did you ever guess?)
There are 6 apartment buildings, and they all have amusing names… fish face for Fish building!
The Mabee building is pronounced “maybe”, hence The Guns questioning expression.
I also lived in the Britain building… and this is my British face???
I lived in these apartments my last semester, and when The Guns and I were dating he lived a couple of miles away, so he would often bike to visit me and locked his bike on this rack… memories.
The dance building… I didn’t live here, but I might as well have…
Passing the tradition onto the dog!  Rub the horned frog’s nose and get an A on the test (studying works better…). 
The chapel on campus. If you look close you can see the bride from a wedding that day.
Bravo with the TCU founders, Addison and Randolph Clark.
Oh, and where are The Guns and Bravo standing?  What is the significance of that rock?
That’s where The Guns proposed!  He originally asked me with a stuffed dog… but now we have a real one!
State of Fort Worth Bucket List: 9 down, 1 failed, 10 to go!

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