on my back, nautical

For some reason, navy blue screams nautical for me.  Which is appropriate since I wore this outfit while visiting The Guns’ family.  They live on the water and love the boat and the beach, so most of my outfits were pretty relaxed and, er, minimal.  I feel like my lttle vintage gold necklace also gives it a nautical feel… not sure why, it would probably be more effective it were in the shape of an anchor…
A few weeks ago, Sal did a post about shorts where she declared that she was not a fan of short shorts… as in shorts with less than a 3 inch inseam.  Well, these are those.  And Sal, if you are reading this… I’m sorry, I totally get your disdain for these borderline hot pants, but for some reason I feel great in them.  They hit at a place on my thigh where my legs look long, not cut off by an unflattering hem length.  Plus, I totally get that there are times when these shorts are totally inappropriate, but they fit in pretty well on a casual beach vacay.

I searched for better shorts, but could find none.
Jessica Simpson nude sandals… I hope these will be the only sandals I take with me on the ship.  I intend to wear them out!

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