on my back, straw hat

I can’t resist pairing that scarf with this skirt.   I tried to make the skirt more high-waisted than I wore it last time, and I wore a teal top with my denim vest instead of the navy top with the denim jacket.  I think I look like some kind of traveler in this little get-up.

You might notice I’m wearing the same earrings as last time as well… sorry, I just can’t resist.  It’s not often that I have such a bright red-orange in a pattern, so it would be a shame to leave those earrings at home when they fit in so well.

I got this straw hat at an accessory shop a friend recommended to me in Corpus.  It’s called Charming Charlie, have you ever heard of it?  It’s pretty amazing.  They have everything in multiple colors, and the entire store is organized by color so it’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for.  Plus I got this hat for $10…  I’d definitely like to return sometime.
Looking back at the first way that I wore this outfit, I find it funny that I was ok with leaving my tank untucked, and covering up the top portion of my skirt, and severely camouflaging my waist.  These days (just a few months later) I can’t help but tuck almost everything in!  Remember in high school when tucking things in was the way to look ridiculous?  Oh how times have changed.

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