FW Bucket List: FW Museum of Science and History

We visited the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, which reopened last fall after a HUGE renovation.  Fort Worth readers: great place to take your kids!  Lots of kids there.  There are some exhibits that have age requirements, as in must be 8 or younger to enter, so we couldn’t go to those.  sad. But we had fun too!  Thought I’d share photos from some of our favorite exhibits.
First, an energy exhibit, which showed how they drill for natural gas in north Texas, as well as a model solar-powered city.

Next was the Cattle-Raisers Exhibit.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that Fort Worth is considered “where the West begins”- which is definitely true in Texas, but could perhaps be debated  depending on what you define as the American West.  But anyway, part of that label is due to the lengthy cattle-raising tradition which lends itself to the cowboy/girl tradition as well (to be discussed in more length in the post reflecting on our visit to the Cowgirl Museum). 
The Stockyards (a future bucket list item)  still stand in FW today.

The Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit focused mainly on his inventions and theories.  I seemed to be most drawn to the models created to reflect his inventions made for war.  Which is weird since I know nothin about war, but anyway.

Last was the Fort Worth history exhibit.  I assume there are plans to change this exhibit periodically, but right now it’s a walk-thru of items and photos and stories set along the Fort Worth streetcar line in the first half of the 20th century (it is no longer in existence, unless you count Molly the Trolley).

I, of course loved the couple of fashion exhibits they showed to represent the different time periods during which the streetcar was in operation.  They noted a change from the “S-curve aesthetic” in fashion to the looser, more stream-lined look that appears later on.

We live to the left of where the map ends!  And I just think it’s fun to see the historic versions of where we live or what we do now.
Yay!  TCU memorabilia.

TCU in its original form.

A close-up of TCU’s original Rec Center, which is now the dance building (and yeah, they’re still in that building today… almost 100 years later…

This was definitely something that I’m glad we did, though I don’t know that we would do it again (which is probably the point of a bucket list…), because we really did see everything we were interested in… although I will point out that we payed the lowest price possible, so we were only able to visit the base exhibits, and some attractions (including the planetarium and the Omni films) were not included.  They would have to bring in a really enticing exhibit for me to want to go again.

I will say that this museum’s greatest strength might at one point be its greatest downfall… they really focus on being the FORT WORTH museum of science and history, not just any science or history museum.  Everything (minus the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit, and maybe some Omni films) had some connection to Fort Worth, Texas, or the Southwest in general.  But while it’s great to have a niche, it felt a bit limiting at times.

State of Fort Worth Bucket List: 7 down, 1 failed, 12 to go!


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