By my side, for one YEAR!

Happy First Anniversary to us!
A year ago we were getting married.  While marriage is so much more than I ever realized, still 7/11/09  was the best day ever.  You can read about it here. We have come so far in a year, but nothing will top that moment that I saw The Guns standing at the altar, or the hours of dancing, or being surrounded by friends and family who were all rivaling me in giddiness.
Oh, and nothing will top this fashion moment:
Or this performance:
Or these people!!!:
Since we’ve been married I’ve learned:
to cook
to say wife without cringing (though Mrs. Langford is super weird, the Mrs. part anyway)
what it is about The Guns that makes him perfect for me
what it is about me that makes me perfect for The Guns
what it is about The Guns that I have to have patience with
what it is about me that slightly annoys The Guns
how to co-parent a grouchy old dog
that marriage is the best adventure
that “married life” can look how you it to look (like… married life can take place on a cruise ship 🙂 )
Things I have not learned:
how to fold The Guns’ t-shirts the way he likes them
how to answer the question “so, how’s married life?” 
All in all, a pretty good year.
So, if you’re reading this, The Guns… Happy Anniversary!  I love ya!

all photos by Scott Wang


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