Land bucket list: Horseback Riding

I lied.  I thought I lost these photos, and I didn’t.  My apologies!

I love horses.  My grandfather was a large animal vet and he raised quarter horses so I grew up riding and showing horses every summer.  That being said, I haven’t ridden a horse in like 7 or 8 years.  So I was excited to ride horses with The Guns while we were on vacation.

We made reservations with a company called “horses on the beach,” (duh!).  We rode for about an hour along the beaches of Padre Island.
Most of the horses seemed to be easily annoyed with each other, and you’d catch them leaning over to nip at one another.
I was riding Ringo, who was not like Ringo Starr, who (I think) was content to fade into the background behind his drums.  This Ringo wanted to be at the front of the pack the entire time.  
The Guns rode Leo, who was more of a mosier. You know, he wasn’t very fast.  He just moseyed along.  (I’m realizing some people might not know what mosey means…)
It was a great way to see the beach, and to spend time together.  Bucket List WIN!
State of Land Bucket List: 2 down, 3 in progress, 5 to go!

2 thoughts on “Land bucket list: Horseback Riding

  1. Did not know you were an equestrian rider! Guess I should have talked to you in class about this before we invested into this outrageously priced sport. haha

    They are beautiful creatures though, even though they do smell.

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