FW Bucket List: Downtown Fort Worth- Sundance Square

Can you really resist a trolley named Molly?  Molly is an old-fashioned looking (read: a redecorated/repurposed bus) shuttle that loops around downtown Fort Worth’s main area: Sundance Square.  And she’s FREE!  So we had to ride her in order to explore downtown.

While it was cute,  it was a little anticlimactic.  But hey, it kept us dry when it started raining, and it was free transportation, so it’s not much to sniff at.
The cool thing about downtown Fort Worth is that a lot of is meant to look old-fashioned, vintage. Specifically Sundance Square, a square in the middle of downtown with tree-lined brick roads.  Which is a nice contrast to the few modern skyscrapers that we do have.  It feels very homey, like a small town, in the midst of a larger community.
Another feature of Sundance Square (which you can just barely see in this photo), the trees have white lights in them lit year-round.
So, the deal was that, during our downtown visit we were supposed to ride Molly the Trolley to the Water Gardens (to be shown in a later post) and then have dinner on the square, and then go to a free outdoor movie showing in the square (one of my fw bucket list items).  
the movie screen- movie showing: The Goonies
However, while we were out it started raining.  And while they assured us that they would wait the rain out and start the movie in an hour or so… we were already wet and over it. 
The screen deflated during the rain

So this was our first bucket list fail, because they’re only showing one more movie and it’s Star Trek, and I’m not committed enough to the bucket list to ignore the fact that I’m really not a Star Trek fan.  But hey, I could have just lied to everyone and said that we saw the movie when we didn’t (that’s what The Guns suggested, by the way) so I suppose I get a point for integrity.
Oh PS- I don’t know if you know this, but my alma mater, TCU, made it to the College World Series for the first time!  We lost this past weekend to UCLA, (a day after we beat them solidly). We did not make it to the finals, but our town was super proud, as shown by these flags flown downtown:
State of Fort Worth Bucket List: 5 down, 1 failed, 14 to go!

3 thoughts on “FW Bucket List: Downtown Fort Worth- Sundance Square

  1. The trolley ride looks like a lot of fun, and that rainbow shot is beautiful! Even though I love Star Trek, I probably would have skipped out because of the rain, too.

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