about my obsession with… the city

Is anyone else watching The City?  If so, please comment.  If not… stop mocking me.

Why do I care so much about you guys?  Why?

I just watched my recording of last night’s episode, and can we please talk about a few things?

1) Um, I never thought I’d say this, but when it comes to the latest discrepancies between Whitney’s and Roxy’s perspective and game plans… I’m so totally Team Roxy.  I am all about Whitney, and I so get that she’s upset, but FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER it’s not Roxy’s fault.  Which is funny because up until now it has been her fault and Whitney would always cover for her. (Is this altercation perhaps an undercover scripted move?  say it ain’t so!  I so want this show to be real!) So on this debate I must put in my vote for Team Roxy.  Better luck next time, Whit.

Sorry, you were wrong this time.  In life and in this outfit.
not usually on your side, but this time you won me over.

2) I will NEVER be Team Olivia… I wonder if she gets paid per evil smile?  I bet she does, because she’s so rich.  Also, has anyone else noticed that the only trend she ever mentions on her own is “menswear.” “Menswear is just so big, it’s probably my favorite thing right now.”  Pretty sure that’s a trend every other year.  Groundbreaking, Annie Hall.  I imagine that she sits up at night studying her “Accessories Editing for a Fancy Fashion Magazine (a position that I’m not actually qualified for) for Dummies” and the chapter “When in doubt, push menswear so you seem edgy, and open to gender-bending, which is so in right now” is like her default when she doesn’t know what she’s doing (aka, ALL THE TIME!)

umm… menswear?  (also, please pretend I have the photo shop skills to draw in devil’s horns…
and I’m pretty sure her “Accessories Editing for a Fancy Fashion Magazine (a position that I’m not actually qualified for) for Dummies” book is just out of shot on that glass side table. yeah.

3) Anyone else want to take bets on when Erin’s head is going to pop off? Expand and then just pop off her neck and land on her desk?  I’m guessing it’s before we get to the season finale, but I’m a risk-taker.  Seriously, every time Olivia gets any credit, Erin looks as if she wants to admit herself into a mental institution so she can scream at the top of her lungs and throw herself against a padded wall.

Seriously, I’m the smart one… why do I have to work with her?

4) As crazy as Kelly Cutrone is, you have to admit that a lot of the times she is so right… something that I’ve clearly been processing since she was TOTALLY IN MY DREAM A FEW NIGHTS AGO.

Any other thoughts on last night’s episode?


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