land bucket list: Dog Park

We went to the dog park!  Little did I know, Fort Worth’s Fort Woof is one of the top rated dog parks in the US.  Fort Woof has two sections, beyond that fence is the large dog section, which included small ponies (ie, great danes and Mastiffs) running at full speed.  Our section also included running, but mostly consisted of a few packs of small dogs hanging out on the sides… gossiping.
And tunnels… as well as other small agility course events.
When we first got there, some little dogs ran over to see what Bravo was about.  He kindly turned his back… “no friends please.”
…and decided to be a wallflower… he ran over to the fence and started walking the perimeter of the park.  In his defense, since he views himself as a security guard, I think he was just trying to do his job.
So, while the other dogs played…
…he guarded.
The Guns and Bro played football, while I watched my socially awkward dog not participate… The Guns wondered if Bravo has the dog equivalent of Asperger’s.  Like the family in Parenthood we wondered why Bravo kept to himself.  Don’t worry, we didn’t let this get to us.

This beagle ran at full speed trying to get Bravo involved… to no avail.  The Beagle’s owner assured us that he would get more social the more we brought him.
But I have my doubts since he seemed rather happy to just sit next to me, or by the fence.  Watching.
social dogs… not Bravo
We then decided to see if Bravo would be interested in some agility work.  No such luck
Nope, not jumping through that hoop.  you’re crazy to think that I would…
Finally, Bravo seemed to notice that the other dogs were having fun.
He ran toward them, barked a few times, and circled back.  That’s my boy.

Only kind of related: Right before we left, this old man came in with two very small, very fat chihuahuas.  They proceeded to bark at and bully any dog that came near them.  A dog twice their size would come near and immediately retreat due to their incessant yapping.  One of them didn’t even have a real bark, it sounded more like a muffled bird chirp… It was hilarious.  I was ok with Bravo refusing to befriend those bullies.
State of Land Bucket list: 2 down, 3 in progress, 5 to go

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