over my head, what skinny tastes like

Sooo… before I start dazzling you with my wit, I’m going to give a bunch of disclaimers.

You act surprised, though I do this often.  I have my patterns, people.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” from Kate Moss.  I have a feeling that a lot of people really hate Kate Moss, and I know all the reasons, but I feel indifferent toward the Moss.  Just throwing that out there.  This is much more about her particular quote (which, I totally get is not the most healthy way to live if in fact you are eating NOTHING), not about her.  Apparently when she said this last fall there was a lot of backlash, however I feel like I’d heard someone say a version (a less extreme version) of this phrase a few years ago on Oprah.  Something like “is that going to taste as good as I’ll feel when I’m thin?” Anyway, I wasn’t all that traumatized by this Moss’ quote.

All of you have seen photos of me.  To say that I struggle with weight would be a lie.  I did have a time in college where I decided to lay off the 3 cokes a day plus a pint of ice cream a few times a week, and I did in fact lose about 10 pounds, but I have never had to be really conscious of my weight or my body.  I know that most people probably struggle or have struggled with their body (whether there be an actual physical problem or not) much more than I have.  I know this may change at age 30… but I’m not 30 yet, so I’m kind of taking advantage of it…

Anyway, moderation is key for me, and while I don’t think I have the perfect body and I probably could stand to lose weight and/or tone up a bit if I really wanted to be at peak performance, I’m kind of happy just living here in the land of moderation.  Where deep fried cheesecake is ok once every 6 months.  Let’s be honest… for me (and for most people who don’t struggle with severe health repercussions that can come with extra weight/super unhealthy eating) deep fried cheesecake tastes WAY better than skinny.

That’s what I say to people (who are perfectly healthy in size and weight) when they refrain from some dessert being offered to them with “oh no, I really can’t.”

Me: How about a cupcake?
Friend: Oh, no.  I really can’t.
Me: Yeah you can.
Friend: well…
Me: This tastes better than skinny.

It doesn’t always work on them (um, it ALWAYS works for me), and they of course have the right to refrain from filling their stomach with junk… I’m just letting them know that this junk, this ONE piece of junk tastes really good.

What else tastes better than skinny?


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