on my back, courage

So. Much. To. Say.  First- ever since all you style bloggers have been posting the stripes and florals combo I have been wanting to wear this outfit (if you look close you’ll see that it’s not a true floral- more of a paisley, but it reads floral, I think).  I tried it one day, but I couldn’t convince myself that it worked, so I chickened out.  But on Sunday, Father’s Day (when I wore this) I had courage, so I wore it.

Confession: I didn’t actually have courage.  It was a low key day of picking up my brother from the airport and giving my parents a quick hug between their connecting flight to Maui (Bro is staying with us for the week while my parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in Hawaii), and then just hanging with the boys.  My girly ensemble was not needed, but I had fun with it since I had no need to fear anyone going “eh… that’s not really a good ensemble” (not that anyone EVER says that to me… but I imagine that they might sometime. Please don’t talk to me about who exactly “they” is as I’m not sure and yet I do have this fear).  And in a way it was needed since I just hung out in the apartment while my brother and The Guns watched ESPN. All. Day.  Bro watched an OLD football game.  A rerun of a game.  Please explain this to me.  (also, don’t bring up the fact that I WILL watch any OLD episode of America’s Next Top Model, because these two things are, clearly, unrelated).  Anyway, I had to counteract the fact that, for once, testosterone was ruling over estrogen in my household. Cue girly ensemble.

That’s my brother.
Anyway, I don’t know why I was scared, because I kind of love this outfit, and I love that belted with the shirt it reminds me of a 50’s full-skirt house dress.  I love that I’m pairing stripes with a  floral in the skirt, but also a floral necklace and ring (not shown very well).  I love that I’ve got pairings of teal and white and cream and brown, and it works. 
And I love that I wear the same size shoe as my mom, who is, for some reason, no longer into these wedges.  Great for me since I just lost my brown wedges to being cheaply made, and I’ve been coveting everyone else’s wedges (I’m talking to you, Kendi).  These aren’t a perfect replacement for my other wedges, but they are great, versatile wedges.
Wedges is a weird word.
I remember buying this skirt the summer after my freshman year in college.  It was the first buy I made that I bought specifically to imitate a movie character’s style.  I saw the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie and knew that I HAD to have some looks like Alexis Bledel’s character.  I think I’m drawn to Alexis Bledel in general since we have similar features, but I just loved her wardrobe in that movie… so fun, fresh and summery, but ladylike.
Please don’t question my love for this movie and the books.  Let’s just accept it and move on.
I remember I went to Forever 21 looking specifically for a skirt like this one.  And I came out not only with a fun summer skirt, but also a few other things that I now view as really important pieces in my wardrobe. Not because I wear them a lot (though I used to), but when I think of my closet as a whole, those pieces inevitably come to mind. I think I bought them in a new mindset… maybe an adult mindset?  I’m having a hard time processing this because it was years ago, but I think it was the beginning of me buying clothes to serve a purpose in my closet… it’s one of the few buying experiences that I distinctly remember.  This was also the beginning of collecting teal and turquoise as a base in my wardrobe.
Do you have wardrobe pieces that you can distinctly remember buying?  That you consider as representative of your current wardrobe?  How often do you wear them?

2 thoughts on “on my back, courage

  1. I love this outfit Krista — it's a really fun mix, and the colors are so beautiful. You look beautiful in it! I also love the mix of browns in your belt and wedges. I hope you get the courage to wear this outfit on other days too. 🙂

    I was really drawn to Alexis Bledel's wardrobe in the first movie (which I've seen 232392808 times), because it was so Roman Holiday. I think my features are more like America Ferrera's though, and I like the color palette they put her in (lots of brights).

  2. I've been meaning to comment of this post for days.

    1st- LOVE the look. I think this may be the best look I've seen in weeks. The colors are beautiful on you. I love the contrasting prints. Your shoes are amazing and oh my– that belt! I'd kill for that belt.

    2nd- Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is one of my favorite books and movies! I have the soundtrack, too. I dreamed of holidays in Greece for months.

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