FW Bucket List: Event at Will Rogers Memorial Complex

Will Rogers Memorial Complex is a big deal in Fort Worth.  It’s in the middle of the cultural district (which includes 3 theaters, 3 art museums, a science and history museum, the cowgirl museum, awesome architecture and landscaping, and a bunch of event locations), and hosts many events throughout the year- most importantly, the Livestock Show and Rodeo every January (which, hello, brings in something like 900,000 attendees!)

Oh, and I also glide all around the complex when I give my segway tours... holla!

Will Rogers Statue in front of the Pioneer Tower- 208 ft. Tall, built in 1936
Even though I’ve spent a lot of time around the Will Rogers Complex, I’ve never actually attended an event there, hence the item on the bucket list.  So I looked up the events, and learned that today, this would be happening:
A charity dog agility trial.
The Guns and I had tons of fun watching lots of dogs do something that Bravo would never do.
Highlights included:
-A very young looking sheltie getting partway through the course and then losing concentration and getting lost… it was like watching and ADD kid lose their train of thought “jump, jump, tunnel, ju-… oh, let me trot around and look pretty for the people.”  Her handler gave up.
An equally distracted sheepdog continually making mistakes in the course, then slows down and squats… the entire arena gasps as the handler puts her face in her hands.
Handlers running just as fast as the dogs while yelling and throwing their fists toward the dog, like this woman,
Getting yelled at for using my flash to get my one sort of but not really all that good photo:
Seriously though, tons of fun.  And FREE!
State of Fort Worth Bucket List: 3 down, 17 to go.

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