FW Bucket List: Amon Carter Museum

On our Fort Worth bucket list was visiting the Amon Carter Museum, an American art museum here in Fort Worth, and one of the only art museums that I had not visited.

landscape outside the museum.  
Also, The Guns and I had a long conversation on our first date over there behind that statue.

Funny story about Amon Carter… he was a prominent Fort Worth businessman, and if you know anything about Fort Worth, we’re very clear that we are NOT Dallas.  Amon agreed.  Whenever he had to go to Dallas for business, he would bring his lunch so he didn’t have to contribute to the Dallas economy.

Remington sculpture, The Rattlesnake

Anyway, Mr. Carter had his own collection of works by Frederic Remington and Charles Russell, both of which made works specific to the American West.  The Amon Carter Museum now houses his collection as well as the “finest examples of American Art.”

Why yes, that is a Georgia O’Keefe

I was really glad we took the time to visit the museum.  Someone had once described it to me as “your grandfathers attic,” and I see why they might say that, but there’s lots of really beautiful and really fun stuff in there.  Including an Ansel Adams’ photo exhibit, that I failed to take any photos of… oh well, google Ansel Adams, k?

A Remington showing what he didn’t like: the modern world.  That’s why he liked painting the American West…until people started riding newfangled inventions like bikes… wonder how he dealt with the automobile
Russell made a lot of cartoon-like sketches… that’s two women observing a porcupine, but their reaction is “Heavens! A grizzly bear!”
Russell seemed to think that new Westerners didn’t really know what they were doing, shown in this cartoon where the bears are taking photos of the people, assessing them as harmless.

My favorite exhibit was a pop culture photo exhibit.  Many photos made for American magazines like Life
Marilyn at the Drive-In
C. 1960s- accurate commentary no?
Do you recognize that back of the head?  yep, that’s JFK visiting Fort Worth
I love this photo because it’s such a Texas thing: drill team… it’s kind of like a high-kicking cheerleader, and they are usually named funny things like the Rangerettes, or in this case, the Planoettes…. Also I like that you can see The Guns and my reflection in the glass….
Old photo, Current message.

State of Fort Worth Bucket List: 2 down, 18 to go.

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