on my back- hello ruffles, goodbye shoes

This is a funny outfit and a funny story.  It’s funny because I just think this skirt is funny.  It gives me a big bell curve in the hips and then mermaid ruffles, so it’s funny that my legs are sticking out of my fishtail.  Also, it’s “funny” in a less haha way because I love this outfit in person and from a distance, and then when I look at the it up close I wonder if it’s all that flattering (I have this thing with my waist and torso, it feels too straight…)
The funny story is that I wore this to a dinner party last weekend.  Took the photos, and they got erased (because I’m an idiot).  So, we recreated these shots.  And I think that’s just kind of funny.  It’s like when I do some task and go to cross it off on my to do list except it’s not on my to do list, so I write it in so I can cross it off.  kind of lame, but also funny and awesome.
I’m shielding my face from our light outside of our apartment door. Kind of dramatic, I know…

Oh, and remember these shoes?  I think I’m saying goodbye to them again.  They broke again even after I got them cobbled.  So it’s either goodbye, or gorilla glue before every wearing.


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