Happy Birthday Bridesmaid H!

Today is Bridesmaid H’s Birthday.  You may have seen her a bit on the blog.  She and I have been cohorts since  college where we were both overachieving dancer/some other unrelated major students.  We’ve danced together, choreographed for each other, shared happy and sad moments, monumental moments, and boring “let’s eat straight brownie batter” moments.  We’ve danced, sung, laughed, and had a pretty great time.  She will be leaving the Fort next month to start medical school! (BTW Ya’ll, ALL my friends are awesome, smart, and talented.  Get it right) Anyway, I salute Bridesmaid H today… Here are some of our finer moments….

End of the night on my 21st birthday!
Us + Ang, playing it cool (yes we do photo shoots at IHOP… because it’s awesome)
Nothing brings two people closer together than HUGE PANTS!
…Except maybe tiny tutus for a modern dance
Graduation Day with our friend, Bridesmaid P!
This became a classic kj + Bridesmaid H pose…
As shown by this recreation at my bachelorette party
Our last performance together (for now…)
We were regular karaoke-ers at one point- we were probably singing “Hit me with your Best shot”
Halloween with the Guns and our friend L
(John and Sarah love the troops!)
lots of love
standing by as one of my amazing bridesmaids (BTW- all 6 were pretty much saints)
Love you Bridesmaid H!

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