Talking with the Guns- Apologies

Confession: yesterday was the typical “Coming back to the real world post-vacay” day.  Ya’ll.  I did NOTHING on vacation.  NOTHING.  So now there is lots to do, and I did a lot, but not a lot actually got done.  And now I have 10 projects that are halfway done and 6 lists reflecting this fact.  And nothing happened on my timetable.  Then that whole “bye bye lots of pretty and fun pictures that my blog (my favorite but least urgent project) desperately needs to survive,” thing happened.  So yeah, by the time The Guns came home I was feeling late, confused, frenzied, Dramatic with a capital D and REALLY ANNOYED.  The Guns put up with me though.  For a time…

Me: (after taking an innocent remark meant to be helpful entirely too seriously, I decided to act like a tweenage girl and say…) Sorry I’m not as PERFECT as you.
The Guns: pause. Apology accepted.


3 thoughts on “Talking with the Guns- Apologies

  1. That comment is so…guns…Sounds just like him.

    On another note, after being out of touch with reality for a week….I HAVE 9 POSTS TO CATCH UP ON FOR YOU!!!!

  2. BWAHAHAHA! That'll suck the air right out of your drama tornado. What a clever move. He's a keeper. (But so are you, someone's got to bring the drama.)

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