By my side, vacay highlights (SANS PICS, LAME!)

By the power of the scheduled post some of you may not have known that I was gone last week. The Guns and I went on a little vacation to visit his family.  It was a very low-key week, but I was going to give you highlights.  The beach.  Visiting with family and friends.  Bravo looking miserable after we made him go swimming. horseback riding (cross that off the land bucket list!).  cute beachy outfits.

And now you’ll never know if I am telling the truth.  Because my camera ate all my photos.  Or my computer.  Somehow my photos are gone!

What’s worse is I had 3 different “on my back” outfits on the camera for 3 different posts.

Oh em gee.  so lame.

But I’m kind of determined to not be upset about it.  Other than the horseback riding, there were no real monumental photos to speak of.  I’m just SUPER annoyed.  Do you feel me?  I know you do.

Anyways, here are the highlights, SANS PICS 😦

Arrived in Corpus Christi.  Watched Bravo take in his new home (starting in August).  He got a little too close to the edge of the dock for my tastes (wow, ok I’ll try to stop being a mom to my dog), but he loved romping around in the yard and the much bigger house.  We took him for a boat ride.

Fun catching up with The Guns parents.  Ate good food, watched a lot of movies.

Went to the beach to hang with Bridesmaid J and Scott and their family.  Had to dig The Guns’ truck out of the sand (uh, thanks for the help Scott and family!).

Bought a super cute straw fedora at Charming Charlie ($10!  Soon to be debuted, no worries!)

Drove down the main strip of the island where The Guns grew up.  Noticed a woman’s leg out the window of an SUV ahead of us.  Noticed woman pulling out a DISPOSABLE RAZOR.  Watched woman as she proceeds to SHAVE! At 50 MPH!  Can’t stop watching when woman TAPS RAZOR against the car door (you know, like you do when you’re shaving your legs in the shower and the blade needs to be cleaned… except your NORMAL and you’re shaving in the shower not with your leg hanging outside the car window).  The Guns said “EEW! Blog about it!” Drove by the SUV and noticed that there are open containers (yes those kinds of open containers) in the car.  yay.

Went horseback riding on the beach (at a place aptly named “Horses on the beach”  You can reach them at… no false advertising there!) My horse’s name was Ringo and The Guns rode Leo.  If I was awesome I’d photoshop up a pic of us on horseback.  Ah, I’m not awesome.

Drove over to Galveston to visit with The Guns’ brother and girlfriend.  Realized that Bravo does not play well with others (others being their 6 month old black pug, Kiwi… oh well)

Drove up to College Station to visit The Guns’ friend Allen and his wife Julie.  Had fun chatting and enjoying their amazing hospitality.

Returned to Fort Worth.

Found a mama cat with 6 kittens on our patio.  (!!!!!!!) Tried to give her milk, but she promptly scooted on out of there.  She returned for the milk, but casa de Langford was not where she wanted her family any more…

Lost all my pics to help document this trip…  (plus some really cute outfit photos… oh well)

Friends, please forgive me for my technological sins. (ie, if I’d had my external hard drive hooked up to my computer where it could actually do its job… this might not have happened.)


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