Fort Worth Bucket List: Trinity Park (and raccoons!)

DISCLAIMER: You are about to see The Guns and I participating in an activity that some animal protectors (and likewise some animal fearers) would frown upon.  This is not a regular activity of ours, however we are definitely not the only ones to do it.  Please don’t leave me hate mail.  No animals nor people were harmed in the course of this activity.

BACK STORY: A year ago I went on a walk with my friend Sarah in Trinity Park.  As we were driving out I notice that there are people gathered in a clearing.  They were surrounded by raccoons.  A bunch of raccoons (a flock? a herd? a pack?).  Ya’ll, they were feeding the raccoons.  I thought that was the coolest thing ever.  She informed me that this happened on a regular basis.  Show up with food, and they will appear.

What’s my fascination with raccoons? Have you seen a raccoon up close in person?  They have masks and ringtails.  They have opposable thumbs!  They are scrappy.  They can grab stuff!  What is it? A cat, a dog? a weasel, a ferret? a rodent?  I HAVE NO IDEA!?! Also, they kind of remind me of aliens.

This raccoon love started when I was a small child.  I had a stuffed animal collection roughly the size of our current apartment.  But one of my favorites was a raccoon that went with me to a lot of places.  Also, I learned as a kid that my grandfather had a raccoon as a pet when he and my grandma were newly married. For real, ya’ll, there’s a photo of my grandpa holding out a bottle of soda as his raccoon is standing on his hind legs, holding the mouth of the bottle and drinking the Pepsi.

I’m kind of into seeing wild animals anyway, but raccoons are always my favorite.  Ever since learning about the pack that lives out at Trinity Park (a nearby park that sits on the bank of Fort Worth’s Trinity River, giving great views of the city skyline on the other side of the river) I’ve wanted to go out and see if they’d come out to say hi. So we packed a little baggie of pretzels and bread and headed out with Bravo and our friends Scott and Bridesmaid J.

I found the clearing where I thought they would be and we headed over.  There were a bunch of stray cats already hanging out there, but before we knew it, they started coming.

Please note- Raccoons are dark, and their eyes glow when you use the flash.  And this was just as the sun was setting.  Also, they are always moving.  Many of these photos reflect all of these things.  Forgive me.

Just one at first
Then another.
Then a few more.
They were like “dude, thanks for the bread.”
It’s surprising how not afraid of us they were.
Although, as soon as they got what they wanted they turned their back and walked away…
until they noticed that there was more food.
Then it was like “dude, can I please have some more??”
They were a little unsteady on just two legs…
Check it out!  THUMBS!  Ok, maybe not, but kind of.
By the time we were done there were 7 different raccoons hanging with us, 
but I couldn’t get a photo of all of them.
The cats were less interested in our food, but they seemed to get along with the coons.
Bravo and the raccoons weren’t BFFs, but they all seemed to get along fine.
You’ll notice that Bridesmaid J is not in any of these photos.  Well, we told her to meet us at the park, because we wanted to feed the raccoons.  She met us.  We walked around a bit.  But when we started holding out our food for the raccoons that showed up she said, “oh, I thought you were kidding.” and ran the other way.  

6 thoughts on “Fort Worth Bucket List: Trinity Park (and raccoons!)

  1. I had to share this post with my sister-in-law because:
    1. Raccoons tend to be crazy, mean, and infected with terrible diseases.
    2. She has a family of raccoons living a tree in her side yard.
    3. It was just too hard to believe.

    I'm glad you guys didn't get attacked!! : )

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