by my side, Living on Land Bucket List

Similar to our Fort Worth Bucket List, there are several things that we need to do to take advantage of our last couple of months living on land before we are at sea!

Living on Land Bucket List
1) take Bravo to a dog park
2) visit a condo as potential buyers/leasers.  Potential can be years from now, right?
3) Spend an evening at a high end restaurant and splurge!
4) Wear 10 favorite outfits that I won’t be bringing with me
5) Host a party
6) “clean” out the pantry, by actually using the items, not throwing them away
7) Take a family photo
8) go horseback riding
9) go to a sporting event


6 thoughts on “by my side, Living on Land Bucket List

  1. do you know about might be useful for using up pantry items. You can type in what ingredients you want to use and it will give you recipes with those ingredients. just to test it, I typed in peanut butter and jelly as the two ingredients and I got 20 recipes 🙂

  2. I love you, Shelby 🙂 And you forgot that it would also help fulfill #10. So to knock off 5 of the 10, how can they resist? Oh, and if you took their family photo for them, that's 6 of 10. Such a deal.

  3. DJ/Mom- yes I am aware of… however I'm realizing that my number 6 may have been a bit ambitious. My point was that we have garnered many pantry items over the year, and that I won't be able to cook/bake onboard (um, kind of yay, don't you think??) so we should use those items in order to a-not waste and b-enjoy our last couple of months of cooking/baking. However, I did make a banana bread (turned into a bundt “loaf” because the recipe called for 2 loaf pans and I only had one…) which used up my shortening and several of my frozen overripe bananas as well as a lot of my flour and sugar. Anyway- my goal is to, at the very least, use all the cake/muffin mixes I've accrued.

    Shelby- I can't let you help with all of those, but it's sweet of you to offer, and I'll definitely take you up on a couple- most notably being that you will most definitely be a part of our EPIC road trip (we will be covering a good portion of the midwest, I think).

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