Around our town: Fort Worth Bucket List

Ok, so I know we’re not dying or anything, but we are sort of “ending” our life here in Fort Worth, at least for a little while.  So, to honor the town where we met and spent our first year of married life, The Guns and I are going to work through a list of things to do and experience in the Fort.  Some of these things we’ve never done even though we’ve both lived here for more than 5 years.  Some of these things we haven’t done in a really long time.  Some of these things, we’ve done, but we need to explore them a little more fully, together!  Each time we cross something off the list I’ll post our experience here, complete with photos and silly husband quotes.

Fort Worth Bucket List
1) visit the Water Gardens
2) visit the Botanic Gardens
3) visit the Fort Worth Zoo (ride the train???)
4) visit Trinity Park (at twilight, so we can feed the raccoons…)
5) visit Six Flags (and spend some time with my theme park performer friends!)
6) visit the Amon Carter Museum
7) attend an event at the Will Rogers Memorial Center
8) visit the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
9) visit Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame
10) attend Stars under the Stars in Sundance Square (outdoor movie showing downtown)
11) explore Sundance Square and downtown area, and ride Molly the Trolley
12) have brunch at Blue Mesa
13) visit the 7th St. Movie Tavern
14) explore the West 7th area
15) participate in doggie happy hour at a local restaurant
16) explore the Magnolia Ave. area
17) visit every area yogurt shop and rate them (we are nerds, nerds who love yogurt!)
18) Visit the Stockyards for the daily cattle drive and cattlepen’s maze!
19) Two-step and line dance at Billy Bob’s
20) Visit TCU (where we met!  where we got engaged!  where we’ve haunted for the past 6 years!)

So obviously we’ll do all these things and I’ll post about them.  When I revealed that there were 20 things on this list, The Guns looked at me like I was crazy.

“we can do 2 in one day right… because that’s a lot of stuff.”

Oh stop being practical.  But yes, a lot of these items probably will overlap, but I’m going to squeeze every post out that I can get…


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