(back) on my back (feet), espadrilles

Two “on my back” posts in two days???  Yeah I know, you can blame The Guns, he hasn’t said anything funny lately.

Yesterday I told you this cardigan was my new workhorse piece and here it is again today to prove me right.  Being proven right is infinitely better than being proven wrong.  It’s why I keep items like this in my closet… for my self esteem.

Last year I was obsessed with getting a maxi dress for my beach honeymoon.  I tried on a bunch of different ones before I settled on this one.  I felt like most of the ones that I tried on were really unflattering.  And I’m having trouble articulating why.  Maybe because I’m not six feet tall and a size 2 like most of the models I saw that made me want to buy them?  But I’m cool with this one.  It fulfills the maxi dress requirement that my closet demanded.  She was very insistent

Have you noticed that my bangs have been pulled back and just slightly poofy?  I love my bangs because I’m a little “eh” about my forehead, but they are getting super long, and plus I have been putting my hair in pin curls since I have to wear a wig for the opera, and pin curls make my bangs CARAZY (translation: really crazy).  Thus, the slight poof it is.
OH!  And do you recognize these lovelies?  They are my formerly dead  favorite summer shoes.  I took your advice and took them to a shoe repair nearby.  It is run by this adorable little old man who gave me a hand written receipt and only takes cash or check.  He also told me that he would put diamonds inside the shoes.  I’m not sure why he said that, but if he did, I got a really great deal.  Anyway, the best part was that he did not laugh at my desire for him to repair really really cheap shoes that probably should have broken down when I bought them.

In case you haven’t figured it out, we tend to take our photos during a mini walk with Bravo.  And sometimes I have to tell him to sit so that he won’t walk in on the photo at an inopportune moment.  Anyway, The Guns caught me while I was Cesar Millan-ing him.  I think he’d be super impressed.

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