On my back, accessory overload??

This is only the second time I’ve worn this Gap skirt (“thrifted” from Plato’s Closet… don’t know that it’s a legit thrift, but it sounds cooler than saying “consigned”), and I definitely like the combo.  This peachy pink cardigan is an Old Navy buy that has become my new workhorse cardigan. Seriously. I usually hate pastels but whenever I put this on I immediately feel pulled together.  And like I should wear pearls while vacuuming… luckily The Guns does the vacuuming in our house and I don’t have any pearls.

I like the peach/pink and the purple together (not a pairing I’d normally make) with this skirt because it brings out the distressed print that goes from a dark purple to a light pink throughout the skirt.  Add tons of cream accessories and I kinda like this outfit, though I’m wondering if I’m on accessory overload…

You see, I’m usually an accessory minimalist.  For me, my only standard accessories are my wedding band (have you seen it?  probably not because it is a SIMPLE and very THIN white gold band) and my oversized sunglasses.  I’m lucky if I add one extra piece of jewelry or a scarf… but this outfit has a cocktail ring, statement necklace AND a headband (don’t you love the little braid in the headband by the way?  $3.50 from Forever 21).  But I love all these pieces, and I think their ok together since they’re all in the cream family…  what do you think?

In case you couldn’t tell, this is a great spinning skirt.  Sorry if I’m showing too much leg!  eek!

I think Bravo’s looking up my skirt… again, eek!


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