Inside Art- artist identity

Do you ever have trouble believing and then telling others about some part of your identity?  LIke for some reason, I find it easier to tell people that I’m a freelance writer (which is true) than that I’m a dancer/dance-teacher/choreographer.  But I’ve done more professionally as a dancer/dance-teacher/choreographer than as a writer, and I think (ironically) that I’ve made more money in the dance world than outside of it.

I know the reasons I have trouble simply saying “I’m a dancer.”  I don’t need to rehash them.  But do you have this problem?  Identifying yourself as an artist?  as your job title?  as a lover of chili fries?  What are your reasons?

Soon there will be a large shift in the role that dance plays in my life.  And if it’s difficult to say now that I belong in the dance world now, then it’s only going to get harder.  So I’m going to need some reminders that, yes, I am a dancer.

So here are my reminders. 

(Disclaimer- as always, this might seem a bit self-serving, but hey, it’s my blog.  And many of you have never seen some of these photos that depict a significant side of my life and identity)
If you’ve seen recent ads for the dance program at TCU, you may have seen this photo
oh ballet, I’ll always love you
This is one of my faves, but it was really hard
all photos above by Leslie Scott
This is when you really know you’re a dancer, no normal poses for me!
Yeah, I’ve danced on ladders…
…and with mops
from voices rising… by Susan Douglas Roberts
one of my favorite rehearsal experiences

And some of my more recent dance experiences at the theme park
You know you love dance when you embrace a zombie beauty queen role…
…or wear bright pink taffeta and a top hat
now this costume I love…
but this look is probably the highlight of my career…

What reminders do you need when it comes to your passions or your identity?

2 thoughts on “Inside Art- artist identity

  1. Love these pics! You should always embrace being a dancer and be proud of that… it takes tremendous talent, dedication, and creativity… all wonderful attributes to have.

  2. These are great reminders. I too have a hard time explaining my involvement in dance. I definitely feel the inner conflict on a daily basis. I have to have dance in my life. But finding a place for it or finding my place in it, is a perplexing challenge.

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